Build your Brand Image with Custom Rigid Boxes

While selecting a company to print your logo or company name, consider the use of custom rigid boxes.

These boxes are great for supporting marketing procedures and should reflect the quality of your brand. This article will review the different types of rigid boxes and their features, such as die-cut foam inserts and off-set printing. It also includes the benefits of a die-cut foam insert for your company's logo. In addition to being a functional marketing tool, rigid boxes are also great for storing products.


If you're looking for an elegant packaging solution on a budget, rigid boxes may be the perfect solution. They're the perfect choice for packaging everything from photographic prints to corporate presentations. And with a fast turnaround time, they'll keep your products safe and protected for years to come. Ideal custom boxes offer custom rigid boxes at competitive rates and with a wide range of design options.

Another great reason to invest in custom rigid boxes is that they enhance the customer experience. A well-made rigid box will give the perfect first impression to a shopper, so that they'll be tempted to check it out in more detail. Whether your product is a handbag or a high-end electronics item, a beautifully crafted rigid box will give them an engaging experience.


With the globalization of markets and increased competition among retail brands, the need for a good presentation of products has become vital. Custom rigid boxes offer the best solution to this problem. The visual appeal of a product contributes to the overall impression of the product, thereby attracting more customers and contributing to the business objectives. Here are some reasons why you should consider using custom rigid boxes for your products. Weigh the benefits and the disadvantages of custom rigid boxes to choose the best product packaging solution for your business.

For packaging purposes, rigid boxes are available with an insert-foam-lined interior. Printing is possible on these boxes easily, and the boxes look more attractive when they are printed. For a better visual appeal, customers should be able to see the product before they buy it. These boxes are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. And since they are highly affordable, you can use them for any product or service.


Offset printing is one of the most popular methods of custom print creation. With the advantages of digital printing, offset is a cost-effective choice for high-volume orders. Both processes use the CMYK color model, which consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black). Offset printing is the best choice for varying hues and contrasting backgrounds. Offset printing also offers excellent quality and durability.

This method requires a thin plastic film to be pasted on the printed medium, and a varnish coating to seal the design. These coatings are necessary to ensure a sleek finish. Custom Rigid Boxes offer matte, gloss, or varnish finishes, depending on the desired effect. They are also available with soft touch finish. Offset printing on rigid boxes has many benefits, and it is worth the investment. Here are some of them.

Die-cut foam inserts

There are three types of custom die-cut foam inserts. Paperboard inserts are the least expensive, but paperboard does not have the flexibility to accommodate a full printing process. Corrugated cardboard inserts are more expensive, but are more suitable for heavier products. They can also be custom-printed. Foam inserts are best for securing products that are delicate or easily damaged. While foam is the least eco-friendly material, it is ideal for securing delicate products. They are not printable, and are often available in a single-layer tray or clam shell. They are also ideal for blister packaging, which can be glued to a backer card.

The next type of custom foam insert is closed-cell foam. This is a highly resilient, flexible material made of corn starch. It is completely biodegradable in a moist environment and can biodegrade in as little as four weeks. Closed cell foam can be either a half-inch or a quarter-inch thick, depending on the thickness desired. They are a great option for low-cost production runs, and can be a more expensive material for high-volume runs.

Multiple finishing options

Regardless of the size, shape, or material of your custom rigid boxes, different finishing methods can enhance the appearance. Foiling, for example, adds a luxurious touch to packaging by adding reflective metallic detail to the surface. This process can highlight a brand's logo, title, or borders, while achieving a glossy or matte look. Using multiple finishing methods helps you achieve a consistent brand aesthetic and communicates the necessary details to customers.

Luxury brands understand that their customers are looking for a luxurious experience when they purchase products. In fact, they often opt for custom boxes with logo to increase the luxury factor and increase their sales. Luxurious boxes can include embossed plastics, stone sheets, and wood panelling for enhanced visual appeal. Luxury rigid boxes can enhance the customer's experience while helping the brand stand out from its competitors. To make the most of these options, consult with a packaging designer to find the right combination of materials, printing techniques, and finishes for your business.

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