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Preferred Home Technologies offers the highest quality and customer care available anywhere for Business & Home Alarm Systems.

Safety is not a luxury; it's a necessity. In order to ensure the safety of your loved ones, you need a premium security alarm company in Woodlands that doesn't let you down. 


With PHT, you can rest assured that your personal belongings and loved ones are safe and secure with top-class security solutions by PHT. Our dynamic range of services includes installation and up-gradation of home and business security systems. We're established industry experts with decades of experience in custom security solutions tailored to your type of property. We leverage the latest technology with smart features to protect everything dear to you. 


Full-Service Security Alarm Company in Woodlands

We provide our customers in Houston with an extensive range of security solutions to safeguard them and their loved ones. Whether you've moved into a new space or want to upgrade your current systems, we can help. With affordable, effective, and premium solutions, we're the best security alarm company in Woodlands


From protecting residential communities to large corporations, our surveillance systems and security capabilities meet all your requirements. Our range of security systems includes:


Intruder Alarms

We have an array of intruder alarms for homes and businesses with the latest technology that can be controlled via a smartphone.  


CCTV Cameras

Protect your commercial and residential spaces with high-resolution video surveillance solutions. 


Alarm Monitoring 

Get real-time alarm monitoring with instant notification and remote access to keep in control always. 



With advanced intercom systems, keep tabs on who's coming and going in your residential or commercial property. 


Routine Service

Don't be vulnerable to break-ins with a security system that's not performing optimally. Our regular maintenance and timely upgrades ensure that all your security systems are in the pink of health and condition. 


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