3 Useful Techniques To Drive Engagement for Middle Years Programme Students

The unexpected global pandemic posed a real-life challenge for Middle Years Programme (MYP) students to attend classroom sessions.

The unexpected global pandemic posed a real-life challenge for Middle Years Programme (MYP) students to attend classroom sessions. However, it offered a different set of opportunities to adopt different learning methods. Experienced teachers are navigating different ways to teach middle years programme students to effectively learn individuals and societies' courses.

As part of one of the best international schools in Singapore, students will find different ways to get engaged, complement parent support, and increase collaboration.

Three ways to enhance individual societies course for MYP students

1. Inspire students to become decision-makers

It is imperative to aspire to students as individuals with power and purpose influences while relating to a particular study concept. Teachers of the MYP always look after how students communicate with their peers, navigate their footprints, and how often they take a decision at a community, national, and global level.

Effective is to prompt students to adopt inquiry and exploration purposes while studying in the course. It helps them to open their mind to viewpoints, find effective solutions, and might take initiative in global problems.

There are several resources available in the modern-day learning settings at school. Students who already paid IB school fees in Singapore must make the most of virtual classrooms, live learning sessions, webinars, and other activities to learn and ask. It can extend the level of inquiry and help the students to go beyond the stereotypical act of grabbing knowledge.

2. Inspire to solve global issues

International schools in Singapore conduct several activities like conferences and seminars for students in relation to the individuals and societies course. Such activities are organized to mobilize students to take global action again particular problems collectively.

For example, school students can participate in a project to collect and start recycling batteries to prevent pollution. On the other side, the course encourages students to engage in a globally related cause, be it linked to the environment, animal safety, or any other.

The point to make it here is that encouraging students to solve global issues will change their perception and further broaden the same towards the ecosystem.

3. Integrating learning with technology and imagination

These days students are more tech-friendly than a decade ago. So, it is essential to make the most out of cameras, smartphones, drones, and other gadgets for enhancing the study concept. Using such devices, students can virtually explore different areas, foresee distinctive issues, and understand global problems on a large scale.

This kind of framework allows the aspiring learners to start inquiring about the prevailing issues and find solutions to combat them. Overall, such techniques help learners to broaden their scope of learning and focus more on inquiry and solutions. 


Individual and societies course are important concepts of the IB Programme for MYP students to learn more about society, community, and global nation. Follow the useful technique to further enhance learning among a variety of students.

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