Sex robots are the ultimate human choice

Sex robots have gradually become a business choice


Sex robots have gradually become a business choice, and many people do not accept the movement of sex robots. The image of making sex robots into women is even more inspiring feminist opposition. Comparing robots and prostitutes is inhumane, and there are problems with feminizing the image of sexual robots, whether they are sex robots or sex dolls.

Experts say that increasingly realistic robots raise complex issues that policymakers and the public should consider, including whether such equipment should be encouraged to curb prostitution and sexual trafficking, sex offenders or people with disabilities.

In 2007, "The Love and Sex of Robots" predicts that by 2050, humans will have sex, fall in love and even marry robotic love dolls. With the disappearance of the stigma with sex robots, and as the cost of sex robots declines, they will be as common as TV sets in the future, even falling in love and marrying robots. The experience of buying a robot is like buying an electronic product now. Sexual robots have the potential to benefit society – from helping closed lesbians, gays and bisexuals to preventing sexually transmitted diseases and developing AI technology.