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AOL Desktop Gold is the most popular desktop application which helps us to manage all AOL account features on a single place. If you want to use AOL Desktop Gold application in your computer, you need to download AOL Desktop Gold and install it into your Windows or MAC computer.

AOL services provide a wide range of services. Among them, one is that this paid application has brilliant features in gaming, watching movies, reading news, and many more, which makes it user-friendly. Open any search browser and navigate to the official website to download the AOL desktop app. There, you will be directed to create your own account. Fill out all of the required information to proceed with the process. You must now log in to your account from your device when you create your account. Now If you own a MAC, you can upgrade to a premium subscription and enjoy additional benefits. Select the best option for yourself. Following your subscription, you will receive an email with a link to AOL Desktop Gold Download in the e-mail service option.

The setup of the AOL desktop app is straightforward. Run the download link you got from your log-in account's email services option. You'll see the setup is downloaded, which you will find after it's been downloaded, and then you'll follow the simple instructions to install the app. There are a variety of features available to you, including premium security, entertainment, and a masking feature that will present your content in a secure manner. You don't have to be concerned about the app's update notification because it has an in-built feature that, once activated, allows it to upgrade itself whenever it is necessary. For any information regarding AOL Desktop GOLD installation or any AOL-related issues, click on this link or visit the AOL Desktop GOLD official website.

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