The Definitive Guide To Extreme Programming

Read the definitive guide to Extreme Programming (XP). You'll learn what is XP, its process, values, principles, advantages, and more in this definitive guide.


Software development has undergone a sea of transformations. With each passing year, project management approaches that are popular today will be obsolete tomorrow. 

The birth of Extreme Programming (XP) marked the beginning of a new era.

Ken Beck, a software engineer, and one of the seventeen signatories of the Agile Manifesto created Extreme Programming in 1997 to produce high-quality software and adapt to the evolving customer needs. 

Fast forward to over two decades later, Extreme Programming has organizations thronging to adopting it. 

If you’re one among them, here is a detailed guide about Extreme Programming that you might want to read.

Naveen Kumar Singh

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