Convert your regular shower to steam shower hassle-free!

Did you know, the easiest way to build a home steam room is by converting your shower?
And at Steam and Sauna Experts, we are seasoned professionals at steam shower installation by converting your shower room.

Building your steam sauna shower from scratch can break your bank. We provide you a sauna shower combo at reasonable prices by converting your shower. 

We build your steam sauna shower with the highest quality materials. That includes heavy duty steam generators, comfortable seats, best wood, smart control systems, and more. 

Our shower conversion projects are a combination of comfort, elegance, and efficiency. And to that end we use state-of-the-art equipment to reduce your water and energy consumption. 

So each of the steam sauna sessions you take will cost you less than $1 in energy charges and will require 5 gallons or less water. 

Want to DIY your steam sauna?

Our expert team can assist you in building your steam sauna shower. 


Juan David

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