Hotmail not receiving emails

Sometimes due to server error, you may face Hotmail not working issue. This blog post will get you through this problem in no time.

Email services offer users to communicate personally and professionally in a very easy and reliable way. Hotmail is the first webmail service launched by Microsoft. It is a free web-based email service that has many active uses. With this email, users can send and receive emails at high speed, secure their accounts, recover an account in an easy way and many other features they can take advantage of. But due to technical or non-technical mishaps, some issues like Hotmail not receiving emails may arise.

When your Hotmail account stops working and you cannot receive any emails, it can be very distressing for you. There are various reasons behind this problem, you just need to detect the real cause if you really want to fix it. Read the blog to gain advanced knowledge about it.

Possible reasons leading to problems in the operation of Hotmail
Are you wondering what could be the causes of this problem? look down

Due to a server crash issue
Due to network connectivity issue
Hotmail is not compatible with the web browser you are using
Hotmail account can be hacked by intruders
Wrong username or password
Cache and cookies could be the only reason for this issue
Due to incorrect configuration

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