Cases found in Shanghai after 5 days of 'zero COVID'

Cases found in Shanghai after 5 days of 'zero COVID'

Cases found in Shanghai after 5 days of 'zero COVID'


Shanghai reported its first new COVID-19 cases outside a quarantined area in five days. To get more news about covid cases shanghai, you can visit shine news official website.


City officials said that three new cases were found in the same family in Qingpu district, and that all had taken three doses of vaccine. The members had not left their district town over the past 14 days but had visited at least four places.


Those locations, including a supermarket, were sealed off and being disinfected. The area's more than 200,000 people were tested for the virus again and all results were negative.The city government said plans to reopen the largest city in China remained on track.


Suburban parks are set to open on Sunday, as well as four of Shanghai's 20 subway lines.The director of the Shanghai Transport Commission, Yu Fulin, said 273 bus lines would restart. Up until recently, most of the city's 25 million residents remain confined indoors or in communities, although more people have recently been allowed to leave their homes. Residential compounds have issued a limited number of passes for walks or trips to the supermarket, though protective measures are still in place.


The weeks-long lockdown in Shanghai and Beijing's "zero-COVID" strategy have drawn international criticism. All of this comes as the nation's capital works to slow the spread of the virus there, suspending transportation and encouraging residents to work from home.


Some residential communities in Beijing are under lockdown and people have been warned to avoid traveling between city districts.China is experiencing its worst Covid-19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic more than two years ago, with Shanghai posting record-high case counts as the highly transmissible Omicron variant frustrates authorities.


China's biggest city on Wednesday reported 981 cases -- all but four of them asymptomatic -- a number that dwarfs any previous daily tally in the city and which is nearly one-fifth of the day's national total.


Shanghai has responded to the outbreak with targeted residential lockdowns in areas with confirmed cases or close contacts.There are growing public fears of more local lockdowns or stay-at-home orders for the entire city of roughly 25 million people.Public concern has spiralled in the city in recent days and residents have taken to social media to air their frustrations.


They have complained about unclear government messaging, alarmist posts about expanding test sites and impending lockdowns, and the announcement that at least two indoor arenas in the city had been converted into mass-quarantine sites."We hope that everyone will not believe or spread rumours, and especially do not maliciously spread rumours that cause panic in society," Wu Jinglei, head of Shanghai's health commission said at a daily briefing.


Stores have seen bustling business as consumers stock up, and social media images circulated late Tuesday showing crowds of shoppers converging on outdoor vegetable markets. The images could not be independently verified.


Online shoppers on Wednesday posted complaints that platforms were crashing under the strain or that some goods were unavailable.Spokeswoman for online grocery platform Dingdong Maicai, Chen Ying, acknowledged the company was under pressure as online demand had "surged".The coronavirus first emerged in the city of Wuhan in late 2019 but China has largely kept it under control through its tough zero-Covid strategy.


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