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The Chinese version and the international version of Path of Exile, an action game popular with players and supporting multiple platforms, are somewhat different. Many players hope to add some special features of the Chinese version to Path of Exile. So what makes the Chinese version of POE stand out?

The growth of POE is extremely rapid. The highlight of the Chinese version of POE is that it has some features that can greatly improve the quality of the game, while the international version of POE does not. However, the Chinese version of POE also has some shortcomings. Tencent, as a publisher of POE in China, has changed something to meet the needs of Chinese players for action games. But please don't worry about the reward mechanism in the game has not received much impact. Players can still obtain POE Currency and POE Items by completing various challenging tasks.

The following will introduce why the Chinese version of POE can make players crazy. If the player dies in the battle of the Chinese version of the POE, the system will provide players with a replay of the death so that the players can understand how they died. In addition, Tencent will continue to provide players with guidance videos on how to dominate the game so that players can better penetrate the game. In addition, each player will also have a pet to help you collect loot, which greatly saves players time and improves the efficiency and rhythm of battle. Players can also get a better buying experience in the game store. auction. Finally, the system can help players evaluate the possibility of planning paths in the passive skill tree.

But a coin always has both sides. Players need to spend money to complete mutual transactions in the Chinese version of the POE trading system. So what do players think about the differences between different game versions? Andreas Bertits, author from MeinMMO, made a speech recently. He said that novice players can adapt to the game better and faster based on these POE features. But those die-hard fans of POE may not accept it well. Path of Exile's development team in order to prevent some loyal players from abandoning the POE led to the current dare not make these changes to the international version. Even if it is really time to make changes, it should be done after careful planning and listening to the opinions of the players.

At present, players playing the Chinese version of POE still need to play under the general rules of the international version of POE. The dangerous factors in the game still pose a fatal threat to many players. In order to deal with the dangerous players in the game, players can only spend a lot of money to POE Currency Buy in the official store to obtain the necessary survival props in the game. But smart players generally choose reliable and cheap POE agents. You can buy many Path of Exile Currency, POE Exalted Orb and POE Items on the agent's website for less than the official mall. Why not?


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