Automate your network for success

network automation” leads the mind to jump to things like applying configuration management

Orchestration - The Ericsson Orchestrator (EO) is an ETSI-MANO multi-domain orchestrator able to manage NFV infrastructure (NFVi), NFV Orchestrators and VNF Mangers, as well as multiple SDN-Controllers and physical network functions (PNFs). Its is an "orchestrator of orchestrators" providing both network and service orchestration capabilities. EO also provides network slice orchestration.
Assurance Analytics - CENX Service Assurance provides closed loop network assurance and Ericsson Expert Analytics (EAA) provides AI/ML insights used to drive network automation decisions.
Continuous Delivery and Deployment - Ericsson’s continuous Deployment and Delivery (CDD) supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) of products and services significantly reducing development time and effort. It supports multi-vendor VNF onboarding and manages service lifecycle management.
Upgrades to network software and even firmware/microcode on devices could be managed automatically, by means of canary tests and rolling upgrade patterns. To do this on a per-box or per-port basis, or at finer levels of flows or traffic-processing components, we need to be able to orchestrate traffic balancing and draining.

If that sounds complex, we can make things simpler. We could treat devices and their traffic like cattle instead of pets, and rely on their resilience. Killing and resurrecting a component would restart it with a new version. While this is suitable for some software applications, treating traffic as disposable is not yet desirable for all network applications and SLAs. Still, it would go a long way toward properly designing for resilience.

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