How to Unlock the Lost Ark Training Room

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Lost Ark Training Room

The Training Room in Lost Ark allows players to test current or custom builds at no cost. Players can test a variety of enemy skills, carvings, and more, even boss monsters. Players need to activate the training area with Beatrice.

Players will be able to obtain the Song of Trixion once the player reaches level 30 in the main story. Players have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the game and test their builds and weapons before reaching higher levels or dangerous areas. This will be a great opportunity and you will have an advantage when it comes to getting Gold Lost Ark or weapons.

How To Get To Training Room

You will pass through an entire graveyard scene until you reach the demon battle, which is a fire-breathing monster.

You will be required to hit level 30, which is possible after you defeat the demon. Follow the given steps after defeating the demon to progress further.

Speak to Arman, King Sillian, and then go to the librarian Lazarus Poudor who will send you back to the Monastery.
Talk to Arman and King Sillian in the given order.
After going back to Monastery, speak to Epheon.
Pick up a book that will be in Monastery.
Go back to the Luterra Castle and head to Crypt. You will pick up another book here.
There will be Nomad NPC within the Catacombs; you will speak to this NPC.
Speaking to Michael will be the last step, and after that, you will hit level 30.

Get the Song of Trixion

After the player reaches level 30 according to the main storyline, an NPC named Minstrel Allegro will appear. This NPC offers the player the item Song of Trixion. So be sure to talk to Minstrel Allegro if you also want to get the Song of Trixion.

Battle For the Throne of Chaos

Players make the most of the training room by learning about the various combat mechanics in the game. In Super Express Missions, players are allowed to use characters that can be quickly upgraded to Tier 3 content. The second of these missions is the Advanced Training Room, which requires the player to go to the training room and then complete a weakness tutorial.

Upon completion of the mission, you will be rewarded with 10 Destruction Bombs and Whirlwind Grenades. No matter what class you choose to play, these weapons are handy in combat with deadly foes.

Lost Ark Training Room Friendly for beginners

The Lost Ark Training Room experience gives players access to unlimited game items that players can't get any other way. It prevents you from making expensive purchases that you might not like when you try it.

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