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Over the past few years, OTT has gained a lot of popularity. Everyone somehow got connected with OTT. OTT has been the major entertainment source during the Pandemic. But What is OTT?

OTT Short form of Over the Top Media services. IT means all media services are offered directly to viewers via the Internet.  It means with OTT platforms a user can access movies, TV shows, and other media directly through the Internet bypassing traditional B cable TV services.

Some of the OTT platforms include Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, and so on. Before the pandemic, not many preferred OTT platforms but since the pandemic as every one bound to stay home people looking for more options for entertainment, and OTT platforms cashed in the situation rightly. Now 1 out of 3 smart gadgets has at least one OTT subscription service.

Four reasons why OTT is gaining popularity:

  1. Content:

Content is the key to the success. OTT platforms are offering very premium content to their users. Users have the option to choose what content they watch and have several options. These OTT platforms Like NETFLIX, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video are investing some billions of dollars to create new very own content for their users. People got connected to this content.

  1. Portability:

The other major factor for success is Portability. Yes, With the increase in technology over the years everyone now has smart devices. Whether it may be a smartphone, Smart TVs, Ipads, or computers where you can access these OTT platforms, You watch the content at the home, office, while traveling, or at any place to relax a bit. Easy access is the key to success

  1. Affordability

Cost or Pricing plays a key role in the success of any OTT platform. Keeping the right pricing is equally important to get subscribers. If the user cannot afford to pay then how good the content is people may not be able to subscribe. We have seen in the recent past how Netflix lost its subscribers in India because of high pricing compared to rivals Amazon Prime Video or other OTT platforms. Despite having the Best content compared to its rivals Netflix is Losing subscribers in India. Right pricing. Cost affordability is the major factor.

  1. User Experience

With the advancement in Technology, People got attracted to quality and User experience. In Todays times 4k video Quality and Dolby atmos feature every user expects now. Some OTT platforms are only offering HD FHD which is costing them big as people are not willing to pay to subscribe just to watch Full HD content.

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