Best Features of Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions in the world.

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions in the world. The company has gone a long way to achieving these heights. Furthermore, it is always improving to be able to meet the requirements of this technocentric environment. Salesforce has several capabilities and interfaces that can help your sales, service, marketing, and other departments to improve their performance statistics. However, since the integration requires code, they will need coding specialists (i.e. salesforce developers).


Salesforce Lightning


In layman's terms, Lightning is a burst of energy that appears during a thunderstorm.

Lightning simply implies that you can complete any integration rapidly in Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning components provide a client-server architecture that helps speed up development and application performance. Furthermore, it is suitable for use with the Salesforce Mobile App.


The company developed a new version of their product in 2015, dubbed 'Lightning.' Salesforce released a new component-based architecture called Lightning, which was designed with non-coding salesforce enthusiasts in mind. It includes the Lightning Component Framework as well as several useful utilities. It simply makes developing a responsive application for any device a lot easier.


Some of Salesforce Lightning's Prominent Features


Salesforce Lightning provides you with access to an entirely new method of doing business. We have formulated a list of its features so you can get some clarity about this advanced platform.


Filled with cutting-edge technology


Lightning is filled with the latest cutting-edge technology innovations that can help you improve customer and interdepartmental relationships. It allows you to take advantage of the cloud's capabilities for practically anything you do on this platform. Every year, Salesforce publishes three specific lightning upgrades, which you will receive automatically.


Improved sales


In the new Lightning platform, users will gain roughly 55 new Sales Cloud pages as well as 150 extra capabilities. Understandably, listing all of these features would be impossible. However, we've identified five characteristics that are proven to be the most useful and sought by people working on these platforms as well as those behind the desk.


Opportunity Kanban: It assists you in seeing all of your data at once, allowing you to more efficiently monitor your work and prepare accordingly.


Quarterly Performance Chart: As the name implies, it provides you with a quarterly performance chart of your work that you can use to measure your progress.


Assistant: Lightning's new Assistant helps you stay on top of the latest updates throughout the day.


Opportunity Workspace: This allows you to easily coordinate the work of your team.

It provides individualized workspace layout best practices, strategy, and assistance.


Custom Dashboards: With Lightning, you can quickly modify your dashboard to meet your needs.


Lightning voice


The most notable aspect of this technically enhanced platform is Lightning Voice for Salesforce. It gives businesses a significant edge by connecting them with clients. You will be able to make audio calls directly from Sales Cloud with its assistance. This means that no matter where you are utilizing Salesforce's benefits, you will always be able to make and receive calls if your mobile phone is included. The biggest advantage of this function is that you can take notes and log calls while making or receiving a call.




Steelbrick is another great feature in Salesforce that is based on the Lightning architecture. Its CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) capabilities allow the Sales Cloud to handle all of the processes associated with trading agreements inside the corporate structure. The Salesforce salesperson may quickly and simply build proposals and contracts for brands using this tool. They can also receive rebate approvals and gather signatures without having to log out of their CRM.


Additional upgrades


Apart from the salesforce lightning features mentioned above, the firm has made several more developments to make Salesforce the greatest CRM of all time. All of the features or facilities were only available in the platform, thus you won't be able to use them if you are using the Classic edition. You may have a look at the additional features and decide if you want to go with them or stick with the Salesforce Classic platform.


Wrapping it up


Here, we can conclude that Lightning has become an important part of Salesforce and has made it more accessible. In comparison to the previous Salesforce Classic, the new Lightning platform provides more features and facilities. So, if you want to see your business expand quickly while also getting a taste of cutting-edge technology, simply move to the Lightning! platform. Lightning is a terrific platform for making businesses successful because of its modern UI, integrated dashboards, smart views, customizations, and AI capability. Salesforce Lightning's exciting features are worth checking out.

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