Select the copper weight to accommodate the current requirements of your design. Most commercially available PCBs are manufactured for low-voltage/low power applications, with copper traces or planes made up of copper weights ranging from 1/2 oz/ft2 to 3 oz/ft2. A heavy copper circuit is manufactured with copper weights anywhere between 4 oz/ft2 to 20 oz/ft2.Get more news about Quick Turn Pcb Assembly,you can vist our website!
You can upload your one up or stepped and repeated Gerber files... If your Gerber files are stepped and repeated your boards will be panelized accordingly. If the Gerber files are one up we will panelize the boards as described in the quote form. We recommend that you request a checkplot showing the panel configuration for your review and approval.
For your convenience we have combined our US prototype and production services. They were previously known as US Quickturn PCBs and US Full Service PCBs. Now when you get an instant quote our online system will display the best prices based on your printed circuit board specs, quantity and lead time. The unit prices for the prototype PCBs will be displayed with a blue background, the unit prices for the Full Feature PCBs will be displayed with a white background. You do not have to worry about quality because unlike other PCBs manufacturers, the quality of our prototype and production PCBs is the same.

If your design contains both plated and non-plated holes, then we prefer that you place these holes on separate layers. This will ensure that we understand your intent. Name your plated drill layer "PlatedDrills" and your non-plated drill layer "NonPlatedDrills".

Your printed circuit board outline does not have to be square or rectangular. You can submit round boards or boards with a complex shape. Our requirement is that we can convert your outline to a continuous unbroken path. By default, we will rout your board outline with a 0.0625" diameter rout bit. This will result in a minimum radius of approximately 0.032" on inside corners. If your design contains inside corners with radii of less than 0.032", then we will use a 0.03125" diameter rout tool to cut out your board. In this case, inside corners will have a minimum radius of 0.016".


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