Cultural relics of real doll 100 years ago

the scary inflatable sex dolls Originated in this ugly doll


Nowadays, the inflatable sex doll that scares the straight man's chin on the Internet is a vinyl latex doll that became popular after 1920.

Japanese first inflatable doll is also very scary, let's take a look at it. This is the No. 1 Antarctic. Vinyl latex dolls that became popular after 1920 have always been so horrifying. This kind of doll material is similar to latex gloves, and can only be barely look like an individual. It is necessary to turn off the lights before use to reduce the psychological burden on the user.

For many people who want to buy it for the first time, they are both curious and afraid because they don't know how to use it or buy it.

There is no law, and there is no legal provision prohibiting the sale of inflatable real dolls.

The inflatable sex doll is a kind of artificial adult sex product, which is made according to the proportion of the girl 1:1, instead of the real person to satisfy the orgasm. Inflatable dolls are softer and more elastic after inflation. The skin is similar to a real girl.