Transferdez Containers - What You Should Know About Transferdez Containers

Transferdez Containers - What You Should Know About Transferdez Containers


If you're looking for a Container supplier in Cuba, you've probably come across the name Transferdez. The company is registered in Sevilla and has a physical address at Poligono Industrial La Cancela, 17 Nave. However, it does not publish an email address. Here are some of the things to keep in mind about this company. Read on to discover what you should know before making a decision. If you're looking for a Container supplier in Cuba, consider the following.

Cubas is a Container supplier in Sevilla

Located in the historic district of Sevilla, the company is a trusted provider of containers. With a variety of options, the company can supply any container size and type. From one-ton to fifty-ton containers, Cubas has the capacity to accommodate any need. Its registered office is in the Plaza de Cuba, Sevilla. Other businesses in Sevilla include Havana Container Services, Sevilla Transport, and Sevilla Container Logistics.

Dez Wells has narrowed his transfer options

Former Xavier forward Dez Wells has narrowed his options to Oregon, Memphis, Maryland, and Kentucky, according to a tweet from the former Xavier forward. According to a source, Wells plans to make his decision within the next 48 hours. Sources indicate that he will be eligible to play this season, but there is no guarantee. If he transfers, the NCAA could deny him eligibility until the 2012-13 season, so Wells should take his time in weighing his options.

The Maryland basketball team missed the postseason, and three of their rotation players transferred shortly after. This left Wells with two options: a senior year at Maryland, or the NBA Draft. His family and mentors pushed him to stay at Maryland, but his decision was not entirely clear before April 1.

The decision was not unanimous, but Wells' camp is eager to see what happens next. The team is currently preparing for the NCAA Tournament, and the team has an opportunity to advance deep into the tournament. The players are excited about the opportunity to play in the Final Four, and coach Bob Moton expects it to be easier this time around. Wells has also made it clear that he and Trimble plan to continue their friendship after their college careers.

After missing five weeks with a wrist fracture earlier this season, Wells had a nagging thumb injury. He was inefficient when he returned from injury, but the sophomore did roar through the Big Ten after the January injury. He delivered the five biggest dunks in Maryland's season and drew travel by jumping over the opposing point guard. The freshman's performance in the Big Ten is indicative of his potential for success at a different school.

Wells' decision to transfer after sexual assault charges was a complex process. The challenge lies in balancing the interests of the student while ensuring a fair process. Wells was initially relegated to a transfer after Xavier sent him away and he later sued the school. Last summer, Wells and Xavier reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum.

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