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Gate Repair

For the average person, broken gates are a nuisance that causes an inconvenience. For those with a truck, broken gates are nothing more than an annoyance that prevent them from being able to deploy their vehicle anywhere. Broken gates also block off access to people's homes and businesses, creating safety hazards as well as risks for thieves and vandals. There is a solution: repairing old broken gates.

Repairing old gates is not only inconvenient and tedious, it can be outright dangerous when there is no proper installation of support beams or frames in place beforehand. A simple ascent down a steep slope or a botched repair project can result in serious injury and even death when the gates are not installed properly.

There are several types of gate repairs that happen. They can range from the simple repairing of one or two broken parts, to structural repairs in the form of new gates or new support posts to be placed around the gate for stability. Before starting any kind of repair, careful planning and expense should be done to determine whether or not it is worth it to start from scratch. For example, instead of building a new fence with expensive materials and labor costs, an existing fence could be repainted with paint on site, saving money and time for a relatively small amount of work.

1). Fence Repairs. The most common type of gate repairs are fence repairs. This is the least expensive and time consuming repairs, which can be done by experienced handymen and home repair pros for as little as $50 or $75 for a simple gate repair to as much as $200 for a fix involving new fencing.

2). Gate Repair. Gate Repairs are the next most common and generally involve applying pressure on a broken hinge or lock, then manually twisting it back into position in order to re-attach the gate. This requires careful measuring of each hinge and lock setting, along with knowledge of which hinges are meant to be gripped at each end in order to safely operate the gate latch.

3). Broken Gate. This is a very common incident that happens with gates, especially when a gate has not been installed correctly to begin with. There are several means of fixing this sort of repair, ranging from simple tools such as wrenches and sockets to the use of heavy duty hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic chisels and pliers, hydraulic lassos, hydraulic cutters and hydraulic grinder.

4). Repairing Gaps in Fences. Proper fencing should be at least six inches away from the ground to prevent kids climbing and running through the fencing. But sometimes smaller gaps happen in wood fences or chain link fences, where small kids have a habit of getting stuck in between fence gaps. Visit here -

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