What does ATS stand for in full?

The full form of ATS is the Anti-Terrorism Squad

This is a specific section of the police force that works to keep the country safe from terrorists. ATS officers are trained to respond to terrorist attacks in any scenario. This elite squad collaborates with the Indian government's intelligence organisations, RAW and IB. ATS has foiled a number of terrorist attacks across India.

Aftab Ahmed Khan, the Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, established the Anti-Terrorism Squad in 1990. Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), a specialist section of the US police force tasked with countering modern-day terrorist attacks, encouraged him. To keep the country safe from terrorist attacks, ATS agents are well-trained and put through high-risk missions.

What are the ATS's Primary Responsibilities?

The ATS collaborates with intelligence organizations such as the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing.
Terrorist actions and anti-national developments are tracked by the ATS.
Terrorist organizations' plans are monitored by ATS, which watches their movements invisibly.
In collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau, the ATS squad monitors mafia operations and dismantles rackets.

What is the ATS's Working Area?

The Anti-Terrorism Squad is primarily responsible for combating anti-national acts in the country. It defends citizens from terrorist attacks, defuses explosives, and tracks landmines. ATS goes undercover in other nations to get information about lethal plots and associated developments. If any terrorist activity is detected, ATS works with RAW and the IB to put a stop to it.

How do I join the ATS?

There is no formal recruiting exam for entering ATS because the entire meaning of ATS is to combat anti-terrorist actions. In other words, because ATS is a state issue, you are not eligible to join the team. You can, however, (Full form of ats) study for the Civil Service test and then join RAW or IB. Otherwise, you can apply for NSG as a Ministry of Defense employee.

What are the Benefits of ATS?

When it comes to relevance, the ATS is critical in defending the country from serious bomb blasts and terrorist attacks. Any anti-national group devoted to creating weapons and detonators is nevertheless held accountable by the authorities. ATS personnel make every attempt to hunt down illegal activities around the country.

The members of the Anti-Terrorism Squad are trained to respond quickly in life-threatening circumstances. Furthermore, the ATS crew remains committed to laying down their life in order to save thousands of lives. To summarise, it is simple to love one's nation, but those who live for it are true heroes.

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