World of Warcraft game content is more casual and gradually weakens social

World of Warcraft game content is more casual and gradually weakens social

Mike Morhaime, former president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, expressed his opinion on the impact of WoW's increasingly casual system on the gaming community. In the interview, he believes that making "World of Warcraft" more casual can reduce the chances of some gamers giving up the game. The game development team who always insisted on behind the scenes finally released the game of World of Warcraft through the night and day struggle and received a great response, and then implemented two XP activities and improved the game leisure system to increase player satisfaction . According to the survey, most of the players are not as dedicated as those hardcore raiders and competitive guilds. They just participate in the game at will, and the purpose of opening the game is just to Buy WOW Classic Gold kill time.

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Therefore, for these players, in the past ten years, Blizzard decided to provide advanced dungeons by providing other methods besides raids and raids. In addition, Blizzard takes into account the game experience of most players. Blizzard announced this year that the next extended version of World of Warcraft, Shadowland, will lower the upper limit of the game level from the original 120 to 60. The upcoming level design is like "Guild Wars 2", players will have more choices in World of Warcraft content. Players can not only enhance their characters through the expansion of the game's "Wrath of the Lich King", but also through the Cataclysm or "Pandaria's Mist".

In a fiery chat with VentureBeat via YouTube, Morhaime admitted that making World of Warcraft more casual can increase players' interest in the game. I also noticed that with the development of World of Warcraft, its sociality has actually weakened, because in order to gain more accessibility, we have deleted some of the game content that needs to be interactive. I think this may lose some gamers. .

In view of the gradual decline in the popularity of World of Warcraft, Morhaime's statement is not unreasonable. He believes that some games today are very focused on the game's social content and leisure system, which may be better than the original World of Warcraft. In addition, World of Warcraft's treatment of the number of group games removes the barriers to groups of people outside the game, making it easier for gamers to play the game, but this is at the expense of the sociality of World of Warcraft.

Despite the declining trend of World of Warcraft, the game still maintains a huge popularity worldwide, and it is still the greatest MMO in our hearts. The classic version of World of Warcraft released by Blizzard once doubled the number of game subscribers. This is the result of the continuous efforts of the professional team behind World of Warcraft, but it also has a negative impact. As World of Warcraft gradually focuses on the leisure elements in the game, this may cause the hardcore raiders and the competition guild to lose trust. We all understand that people with similar interests in life will be happy, and this is also the case in the game. When you meet a player who agrees in a fun game environment, you will also be very happy and even want to establish with the other party Lasting bonds.

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