How To Do When A Digital Watch Stop Working - Watches Factory not only producing the custom watches, but also the watch related components, our company has been working hard and keeping close cooperation with international top watch brands, and achieved great technology improvement.

In the digital models, the work does not differ too much, but we advise you to remove the strap to do it more comfortably. Instead of an indentation, the most common thing is that the entire back of the watch is a kind of "casing", so with the use of the screwdriver pry it up and watch how it separates little by little (like when you remove the back case of a mobile). Do not hit the watch or place it on a surface that is too hard, which could damage it or cause vibrations that affect the mechanism. You can use a support in which the watch is embedded to manipulate it with ease.

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Most of these models have the cover fastened with cross-head screws, it is quite easy to remove them with a small cross-head screwdriver. When a watch is submersible, whether at 5, 10 or 20 atm, we recommend that you take it directly to a watchmaker or official technical service if you want to maintain its watertightness. O-rings on the case back, crown, and some buttons often need to be replaced to keep the watch water resistant.

In addition to that, we recommend carrying out a submersibility test with a special machine that watchmakers have, which ensures that the watch has been completely watertight once closed and that it is still suitable for being submerged in water.

Over time you don't play and changing batteries isn't a game either. It is a professional job that requires effort, patience and tranquility. Now that you know how to change your watch battery, it is up to you to decide if you can do it yourself, or if you prefer to take it to a professional watchmaker.

Our recommendation is that you trust a professional Watchmakers Supplies if you don't want to be surprised, they will take care of your watch as it deserves so that it lasts for many years. Watches Factory has abundant experience in manufacturing all kinds of luxury watches. They also can Design Your Own Watch, offer OEM ODM service to meet your needs. watch factory is the Key point for good business relations.

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