What Exactly Is Olive Oil?

Who knew something so beautiful might offer unexpected health benefits?

You guessed it correctly! We're talking about olive oil, the most popular culinary ingredient that can be found in almost every home nowadays. Because of its unquestionable advantages, this oil kind has grown in popularity. It is made from the richness and goodness of the olive fruit. Because of the hoopla around the advantages of olive oil, both adults and children frequently purchase it without first learning about the many varieties.


Extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, pure olive oil, and olive pomace oil are the five varieties of olive oils available on the market. (What is olive oil) You'll be even more shocked to learn that each variety has its own set of bonuses and various amounts of components. Olive oil is prepared by crushing and squeezing olives to obtain the matured juice/oil. Olive oil is mostly used in cooking, but it may also be used as a hair oil, moisturiser, and soap. Now, which olive oil should be purchased since it has greater health advantages as well as a lot of flavour and aroma?

Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Extra virgin olive oil is simply recognised as the king of the kitchen, a miracle in the realm of cooking oils. EVOO, which oil is high in antioxidants, flexibility, flavours, and smells, is used for sauteing, roasting, frying, and pouring over salads and cold prepared foods. The olives have a distinct growing season that runs from early October to late February. Early harvested olives are those that are picked and extracted between October and mid-November. Similarly, mature harvested olives are those that are picked between late November and early February. Let's have a look at the two varieties of extra virgin olive oil before we get into the advantages.

  • Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Early harvest extra virgin olive oil is made with the goodness of unripe olives and has a high chlorophyll content, which is why the colour of these olives is greenish and yellowish. This sort of EVOO is regarded as premium since it has higher antioxidant levels and lower acidity levels. The olives of this variety are greener, with more powerful and complex fragrances, smells, and flavours, as well as greater amounts of polyphenols. Olister offers extra virgin olive oil from the early harvest, which is high in vitamin E, antioxidants, and other minerals. 100% natural, cold-pressed EVOO from the first season, with a consistent flavour from a single area.


  • Mature Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Mature harvest EVOO is created with purple and blackish olives and is harvested from late November to February. The polyphenol levels in this oil are lower than in early harvest extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a milder flavour. This oil also has a shorter shelf life and a stronger flowery flavour.


Taking advantage of the freshness of extra virgin olive oil and switching from your normal oil to something with more flavour and scent and numerous health advantages might be the finest choice you've ever made. The following are some of the reasons why people are switching to a more healthier diet that includes olive oil:

  • It has a high degree of anti-oxidant content, which lowers the risk of chronic illnesses.
  • Olive oil, when used regularly, protects the body from excessive cholesterol and decreases inflammation.
  • A stroke is a life-threatening condition caused by a disruption in blood flow in the brain. Extra virgin olive oil may help to lower the risk of a stroke.
  • The majority of individuals use olive oil to maintain their health and lose weight. Extra virgin olive oil has been linked to weight loss and obesity reduction.
  • EVOO may help to prevent Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes.


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