Mahindra Tractor Models in India For the Best Performance

Mahindra Tractor Models in India 2022

Mahindra tractor brand provides an amazing and classy tractor with a super attractive design. These tractors come with effectiveness in farming operations; therefore, we find these to be excellent tractors for farming work. Mahindra has expertise in providing innovative products. You can find here 2 Mahindra tractor models with complete specifications.




Mahindra 415 DI ​​tractor is equipped with the best elements and a powerful engine, producing an output of 40 HP. It ​​is one of the best choices among farmers. This engine is fitted with a 10-speed gearbox that has 2 reverse + 8 forward gears to deliver this performance. This gear ratio helps achieve maximum performance in areas and perform heavy-duty tasks.


Additionally, Mahindra 415 DI ​​comes with a lifting capacity of 1500 KG. Mahindra 415 DI ​​is a 2-wheel drive tractor that is driven by 2 rear wheels. This tractor is equipped with Multi Disc Oil Immersed brake to improve comfort and handling power. Mahindra 415 DI ​​has a 1910 mm wheelbase, which helps in better stability for on-road and off-road usage. The total weight of this tractor is 1785 KG, i.e. 1.7 Ton.




Mahindra 475 DI is powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 2730 CC and gives an output of 42 HP. A 6-spline type PTO helps in delivering 37 hp PTO hp output and rpm range of 540. This tractor has a 6 x 16 inches wheel setup at the front and 12.4 x 28/13.6 x 28 inches at the rear. This setup helps in carrying out activities in different types of terrain. To deliver maximum power through its transmission, which is of Constant Mesh / Sliding Mesh type. It is connected via transmission single/dual. 

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