If you've found a way that allows Teleport (either or the Sorceress skills or Enigma Runeword)

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Ancient Tunnels, Lost City (Act 2)The Ancient Tunnels is an old location. It's actually a re-skin or re-use of the Sewers layout built by Lut Gholein D2R Ladder Item. That's not necessarily a problem since it only means it's a great area for enemies to be in. area is superb. In addition, the Ancient Tunnels contains enemies that have no Cold damage or status immunity with Hell difficulty.

Thus, it's a popular site for farming, specifically with Blizzard Sorceress build. After the dungeon there will be random Unique Monsters will spawn and a glittering treasure chest with endgame items. Again, just make sure to bring Magic Find gear or compensate for the lack thereof by repeating the exercise several times.

Arcane Sanctuary (Act 2)To be transparent, the enemies within Arcane Sanctuary are too spread out to make it difficult to find material. The most challenging bosses is a more viable target to defeat in order to gain access to loot.

If you've found a way that allows Teleport (either or the Sorceress skills or Enigma Runeword), there are Super Chests available here, which yield incredible loot , without the need to fight. In the Arcane Sanctuary Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, Arcane Sanctuary is an ideal chest farming spot for characters who haven't yet been able to take out their adversaries one-on-on

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