I think the Sanrio project of Animal Crossing and the villagers are perfect

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Do you know? Nintendo announced in January that it would re-release the Sanrio and Animal Crossing crossover packs, but the company only demonstrated the performance of these cards. Nintendo posted a two-minute video on Twitter and YouTube on Thursday, demonstrating all the new features that the Sanrio card will bring to Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

Nintendo tweeted from the Animal Crossing account that from Hello Kitty, his melodies to Keroppi, he is ready to discover new residents, styles and items inspired by the lovely Sanrio friends.

All six cards are packaged together and will be available at Target on March 26th. If you like the appearance of any of the Animal Crossing Bells objects or villages in the video above, you will want to move fast-the series looks incredible, and new character-themed objects and costumes have been added.

Rilla, Marty, Etoile, Chai, Chelsea and Toby can all be found in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" through the exclusive Sanrio crossover pack. Scanning these cards on Harv Island will only add some Sanrio posters to the game. The poster is nice and cute, but nothing compared to the new items that come with the card. I mean, Toby-based on Sanrio's Keroppi-has a Japanese garden-style bridge in his house with water flowing inside.

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