Several ways to earn gold coins for World of Warcraft games

Several ways to earn gold coins for World of Warcraft games

Recently, I participated in one of the most difficult challenges in World of Warcraft: the Battle of Azeroth. After the success of the challenge, I earned 5 million gold coins, and used these gold coins to buy a strong caravan Brutosaur mount. There are many ways to earn coins in the game, but I think the fastest way to win coins with the spare parts field.

When the Battle of Azeroth was launched, I was very happy to wait for the release of the mission table. I was used to making a lot of money easily by completing the Legion missions. In fact, the mission table has become a small World of Warcraft Classic Gold mine that every player knows better. However, you wo n’t get a lot of gold coins when you complete the task table. Blizzard keeps the reward value of the gold task for the Battle of Azeroth very low, and the reward value still tends to go down. It ’s not worth completing these tasks. It will seem boring, which makes it more important to find new ways to get more coins.

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The auction house works best when there are many participants. In the case of only a few people, the only person who really uses the auction house is the gold maker. They work hard to resell all the same items to each other, and the gold coins are liquid. It will change greatly, and as time goes by, your gold reserves will indeed become larger and larger. Of course, this process takes a lot of time.

Another method is to make money through the war table. Its main disadvantage is that it requires players to have a lot of funds. Thankfully, there are many ways to make gold with other armies, but it is not so easy to earn a lot of gold coins. Sometimes the reward for a mission is 2,000 grams, and if I have 12 highest-level characters, this means that I can earn 24,000g of gold each time I complete a mission of the gold messenger. These characters may even fill up the reputation bar and get a treasure chest, earning another 5,000 grams per chest. The use of a special army to make gold means the consumption of rare materials, but the result is that a lot of gold will be harvested.

Weekly island adventure missions sometimes reward 5,000 grams of WOW Classic Gold. However, you do not have to perform this task every time. You have many other ways to complete this task, such as making money through Island Expeditions.

Finding pets can also get gold coins. Finding these rare animals can be time-consuming, but these pets can bring you a lot of gold. In order to accelerate the growth of pets, you need to reach a rare spawning point, and then find the group in the group searcher. But you have to remember not to join camping groups, these groups gather everyone in a field and waste everyone ’s time.

These are just my own methods of making gold, but they are not the only methods of making gold.

A brief introduction to several methods of earning gold coins, I believe everyone has understood the process of this game, and ca n’t wait to experience it once. So in order to make everyone more familiar with these methods, please first understand this excellent store MMOWTS that has a large inventory of WOW Gold. Entering the game allows you to experience the virtual world, which will be a good time.


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