Top 3 Reasons Why Flowers Are Considered Better Funeral Gifts Than Donation

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History is proof that flowers are the best possible item that can be used to honor the ones left us. Today, professionals are setting up flower arrangements for wakes and memorial services. People either consider offering donations or send flowers to show their respect and love for those who passed away. So, there’s always been a discussion about which gesture is better, but it all depends on the situation. However, money cannot provide the feeling of love that flowers can, so we’ve come up with the three best reasons why you must go for condolence flowers in Singapore or anywhere else.

Flowers carry high sentimental value

The presence of flowers at a wake or funeral is enough to speak for the feeling you’ve been carrying in your heart. Flowers are much better than any other gifts that you consider to offer the deceased as they help you express your emotions and sympathy well. You can even bring the favorite flowers of the person that is no longer with you to show that their presence mattered and you’re in much pain. Also, the more people bring flowers, the better feeling of attachment it shows.

Flowers are more memorable

If you lose someone very close to you and are about to attend their funeral, it is thoughtful to consider condolence flower delivery. While they may eventually wither and die, they live on as a lasting symbol of love and respect. Unfortunately, cash cannot be seen or felt nearly as much, but it can still benefit the family financially because they may need to pay for the funeral, which can become costly. However, one should avoid bringing up this awkward topic when grieving or offering money because some believe that only the people who attend to their loved ones in death will get such compensation.

Flowers have spiritual significance

Even if someone dies, a few flowers can say a lot about the deceased’s life and how that individual touched everyone else. One might consider sending flowers for the funeral or when remembering the loved one who passed away. Many choose to send something everlasting in nature due to the common belief that life is like a blossoming flower. The spiritual significance that flowers carry is much better than cash as they hold a deeper meaning than just being a colorful addition to any event. Everyone who is contemplating what they will do after the last goodbye owes it to themselves and others who stuck with their family through thick and thin. The colorfully fragrant flowers express sympathy when one honors someone in death and speak louder than any other condolence item in the room.

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