A real experience from a Madden NFL 21 rookie player who wanted to get his first victory

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Recently, a fan who loves rugby very much shared his experience in Madden 21 on social platforms. Although he is a big fan of NFL, he is not very good at playing football. So he bought Madden NFL21 to seek satisfaction in the virtual gaming world. But when he really fought, he realized that not that simple. The fact is that it is easy to lose if a person does not have sufficient preview and Madden Coins before entering the game. Especially Madden NFL 21’s Ultimate Team mode made him a big hit.

He had a 0-14 record in his first game in MUT mode, so he desperately needs a victory to regain his confidence. He first knew that he needed to learn relevant knowledge and guidelines about Ultimate Team, but because of his location in the UK, he did not have a wealth of practical experience to learn from. And he has always positioned himself as an ordinary fan. He thinks the NFL is a sport, but also like a chess game. Obviously, he knows many basic strategies such as running the ball to chew the clock, it makes sense to use blitz in the third and longer scenes, and he needs to use the sideline in the two-minute practice.

Although he knows a lot of these basic knowledge, he clearly knows that his tactical understanding of the sport is not enough to compete with better opponents in the game. For example, when he meets a powerful mobile quarterback like Michael Vick, he can’t stop them from scrambling to score huge points. Later, he learned to assign a spy to one of the guards, allowing himself to block off receivers in Man coverage but still feel comfortable the quarterback won’t be able to sprint for MUT 21 Coins.

In fact, not only skills are important, but also whether your team can produce good chemical reactions. He can buy some cost-effective and good players to enhance the strength of the lineup so that all players can play their best performance to win their first victory. GameMS can provide a lot of help for him who wants to Buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins. Just do as I said!


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