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On Bunny Day, Zipper will appear on your island. This article focuses on Bunny Day's event guide

On Bunny Day, Zipper will appear on your island. This article focuses on Bunny Day's event guide.



When is Bunny Day 2022?

While Bunny Day itself doesn't start until April 17, the festival has a Prep Week. This means that April 10th to April 17th is the event period. The actual date of Bunny Day changes every year. Either way, you can have a week of preparation time before the actual event day. Fastest Way To Make Bells in ACNH is very important for any seasonal activity or event. Because the ACNH Tools you use while exploring the game need to be purchased by AC Bells. Choosing to Buy Bells Animal Crossing is a simple step.


Bunny Day Zipper 2022



Based on actual dates:

April 12, 2020

April 4, 2021

April 17, 2022

April 9, 2023

March 31, 2024

April 20, 2025

April 5, 2026

March 28, 2027

April 16, 2028




What happens on Bunny Day?

During Bunny Day, Zipper will visit your island and hide several Eggs. Talk to him. as a friendly event planner. he will guide you on event-related matters. You need to find his hidden Eggs during the event. Bunny Day DIY Recipes can be obtained based on the Eggs found. Actively participate in Bunny Day, and you will also earn Bells Currency.




What do you do with the Bunny Day eggs you have?

The zipper is the main character of the event. On the festival day, all the villagers who go out will wear costumes for eggs. Players can also learn unique DIY Recipes for each Eggs-themed hat, dress, and shoe after collecting a certain amount of each egg. Collect all Eggs-themed ACNH Dresses to unlock recipes for Eggs Party Hats and Eggs Party Dresses. DIY Recipes can also be given as gifts to your favorite neighbors. After all, interacting nicely with your neighbors is part of your island life.




How to Find Bunny Day Eggs

Earth Egg: Excavate places on the ground marked with stars

Stone Egg: hit from rocks (like Stones and Iron Nuggets)

Leaf Egg: shaken from out of trees (like fruit)

Wood Egg: hit out of trees (like wood)

Sky Egg: shot out of colorful, striped balloons

Water Egg: fish them out of the water


Bunny Day Eggs animal crossing


There are a total of 6 Eggs to collect in the event. ACNH 2.0 New Items have upgraded thousands of items. In the process of finding Eggs, you need to use tools such as Golden Shovel, Golden Axe, Golden Rod, Golden Slingshot, etc. These tools are available at Acbellsbuy. In addition to ACNH Golden, there are Buy Animal Crossing NMT and Animal Crossing Island Designs services.




How to Find Bunny Day Other DIY Recipes

Get it from a balloon in the sky

Get it from a message bottle on the beach

Obtained from island animal villager dialogue

talk to Zipper to get exclusive DIY Recipes (Bunny Day bed, Bunny Day arch, Wobbling Zipper toy, and Bunny Day wand)




What happens if you can't collect 6 Eggs?

Don't worry if the event is over and you're just a few Eggs away from finishing all the furniture. Zipper T. will trade Eggs on the last day. He will give you any specific Eggs you need in exchange for three of the other Eggs. Animal Crossing Online Store can give me a complete list of items. Choose the items you need to bring back to your island.

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