Each unit begins with a section entitled From inference to meaning in which new words are introduced in meaningful conte

Each unit begins with a section entitled From inference to meaning in which new words are introduced in meaningful contexts.

The critic spoke incisively about the limitations of recent attempts to understand Shakespeare through computer analysis.In private, the congresswoman seemed uncertain about how to address the budget crisis, but once the cameras were rolling she became more resolute.The waiter was offended by the derogatory comments that the diner kept making about his lunch.If you say anything to him about the economy, Darius is likely to respond with a tirade against the business practices of multinational corporations.What a morass this problem has become!This particular district is prone to relatively dramatic shifts in voting preferences from election to election.In spite of numerous obstacles, the teacher was resolute in her belief that this would be a good year for her students.If you keep on impugning his reputation, he is likely to become offended.No matter how often the comedian was heckled by an audience member, she always had witty rejoinders.Because he lacked the capacity for discernment, he often chose the wrong people to associate with.The two archeologists were slowly embroiling me in their complicated dispute about who had been first to identify the lost settlement.It bothered Jasmine that the young mother had berated her young son for spilling the milk.No matter what I said, he refused to change his mind.He was so discerning!Being healthy does not preclude the possibility of developing diabetes when one gets older.She is very resolute about her plan to apply to graduate school.Due to his querulous nature, Juan found fault will all of the solutions I proposed for his computer problem.Attempting to walk across a busy freeway at night is perilous, no matter how carefully one proceeds.As he scrubbed the wall, Kevin realized that any attempts to prevent tiny chips of paint from flaking off would be futile.The eyewitness did not provide many details about the crime, in part because she was so taciturn.Although ordinarily a man of few words, Quinton became quite garrulous once he began discussing a topic that interested him.The moment she walked into the room, her perfume began to saturate the air.The aspirin that Ling took failed to alleviate the pain from her knee injury.Because Johannes is so gregarious, he seeks a job in which he would have many opportunities to interact with people.Because they felt that the mayor had been dishonest, the city council addressed him with considerable indignation.Freedom of speech does not give citizens the liberty to say anything they want to say in every possible situation.The epitaph on the gravestone indicated that Smith had been a prominent social activist in her day.After spending most of the day relaxing at the beach and drinking margaritas, the man was so besotted with alcohol and sun he could barely find the way back to his hotel room.The stunt man took precautions so that he would not lacerate his skin when he leapt through the plate glass window.Larry was indignant at the suggestion that he had not tried his hardest during the team’s last game.Juanita’s natural gregariousness makes her a delightful addition to any dinner party.Once the cotton ball was completely saturated with alcohol, I dabbed the wound carefully.He avoided skydiving because of the inherent perilousness of the activity.Although the chair of the meeting asked Krystal to be brief, she addressed us most garrulously.He finds that a hot bath goes a long way toward alleviating the stress of a long day’s work.As a result of the accident, Jace had lacerations on both hands and forearms.One could not possibly read all of the epitaphs at Arlington National Cemetery.Talking to Jini always tried my patience due to the querulousness of her

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