They have true overall ratings

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Perhaps a reference to MLB The Show 21 Stubs the series zone and also theshownation? They're both very helpful tools. I'd say near the bottom since they are not really a priority for new players.That's a fantastic call. New players definitely won't know they exist and I reference them all of the time.Would maybe add Daddy Leagues to this section as well.Does this site add anything the series zone or theshownation don't provide? It is just the first I have heard of it.They have true overall ratings for gamers that give you a better idea of how a players stats will actually play in the game. Notably those large diamonds. The show zone gets the exact same feature.Truthfully, I don't understand. I mainly use the first two, however, I do not want to seem like I am playing favorites. DaddyLeagues appears popular with a few folks, so might too include it.

Links into the hidden packs in conquest maps would be nice too.Why? Most people will unlock the packs anyhow by performing the map. It appears to be a waste of time to do.There can't be people that choose to not do a map because of what packs are on it.I also don't know why folks want this info either, tbh, but people are constantly asking for it, so may too set the info here so people will stop producing new posts about it. I complete every map to 100%, but if people want to play the game otherwise, more electricity to'em, I guess.True that.

This was the article I have been looking for since I got the game!You're probably the first user I have followed. Saved the article too. Thanks so much.I'm only here to shout out the female reproductive map.Cool, added. I'll see if I can get a link to the benefits on it.Great thought and thanks for getting this all gathered. Perhaps it's here and I overlooked it, but I feel a section on general baseball strategy could be a useful source for new and Stubs mlb the show 21 seasoned players alike.


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