3 Awesome Tips on How to Decorate Table With Flowers for Valentine's Day.

Flowers and Valentine's Day are inseparable. You cannot imagine Valentine's Day celebration without flowers. This is the reason why florists are so busy during the valentine's season. Our team at www.florista.ph are no exception.

We work hard the whole day and at long hours into the night to complete the orders that we get for flower delivery in Manila during the Valentine week. Flowers and gifts are delivered promptly according to the instructions of our customers.

When you meet your lady love on a date everything should be perfect. The venue, the food, the flowers, the cake, the gift and the table on which the goodies are laid, everything should be flawless. Pay extreme attention to the décor of the table as this is the platform which will impress the lady.

Some excellent Valentine’sday table decoration ideas are as such -

Classic red and white décor– The main colour which can be associated with Valentine's Day is the colour red. The human heart is said to be red and all the emotions related to the heart are depicted with the colour red, for example, love, passion, possession, pride and many more.

A Valentine's Day table will look breathtaking when it will have the contrast colours of red and white used for decoration. Have a crisp white table cloth spread on the table. Place a large vase full of red roses in the centre of the table.

The tableware should be preferably white but the napkins should be red to create the contrast. Have long white candles placed at strategic points which will give Valentine's Day table decoration a surreal look.

Rainbow on the table with fairy lights– Create a rainbow effect by using flowers in various colours as a centrepiece. Have multi-coloured fairy lights placed between the blooms. Have a string of brightly coloured posies hung above the table to complete the rainbow look.

When the fairy lights will blink amidst the mesmerising blooms in the darkness it will appear as if the stars are shining between the rainbows. This romantic Valentine's Day table décor will leave your sweetheart awestricken.

What you order for dinner will hardly be noticed as the fair lass will be so much mesmerised by the beauty of the table decoration that she will be numbed with wonder.

Flower stands decoration – Order a flower stand of red roses for your Valentine date to be delivered online to your place. Place the flower stand in the centre of the table and have it surrounded with tea-lights to be lit at the time of dinner.

Use the best tableware available and keep the Valentine Day table décor minimum as an overdone table will look extremely flashy and cause distraction. The table will look extremely captivating with its fine tableware and flower centrepiece when the tea-lights will be lighted in the darkness.

Let cupid do his work while you enjoy your evening with your beloved by your side. Browse our web page at www.florista.ph for stunning flower stands for the evening. Present the beautiful flower stand to your adored one at the time of escorting her home.

For more innovative ideas you can call our help desk. We shall be immensely pleased to be of any help when you intend to send flowers in Philippines online on the occasion of Valentine's Day. We have a large variety of flowers in all the colours you can think of.

Do not rely on our words alone, visit our website to witness our marvellous collection for Valentine's Day and order the one most appealing flower arrangement that catches your fancy. We will do our best to make you proud in front of your lady love.  

Kim Berley

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