High Purity Quartz Sand Market 2022, Opportunities, Scope & Detail Survey By 2027

Major Players:

Key players leading the global high purity quartz sand market include Sibelco, The Quartz Corporation, Creswick Quartz Plt Ltd., Lianyungang Donghai Colorful Mineral Products Co., Ltd., Momentive, HPQ materials, Jiangsu Pacific Quartz Co., Ltd., Mineracao Santa Rosa

High Purity Quartz Sand Market

High Purity Quartz Sand (HPQS) is a high-end electronics-compliant material which makes it a primary feedstock essential in the manufacturing of photovoltaic (PV) Solar Cells and all electronics and semiconductor production materials. Although HPQS deposits are rare is an important mineral with numerous uses including a primary ingredient for the manufacture of glass, in electronics, as oscillators in radios, watches, and pressure gauges, and in the study of optics.

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In the computer industry, HPQS is essential as the important silicon semiconductors are made from Quartz. Besides, it is also used as an abrasive for sandblasting, grinding glass, and cutting soft stones. Furthermore, high purity quartz sand is primarily used in the making of fiber optics which is witnessing a huge prominence due to the demand for high-speed internet around the world.

Despite the challenges of limited resources and strong entry barriers, the global high purity quartz sand market is growing pervasively. In 2017, over USD 627,300 MN worth HPQS was shipped globally. The increasing development Over the past few years that are led by market competition in the area of telecommunications is escalating the HPQS market on the global platform, creating a huge demand.

Acknowledging the colossal traction, the market is gaining; currently, Market Research Future (MRFR) in its recently published study report asserts that the revenue contribution of the high purity quartz sand market is expected to increase substantially by 2030, registering a CAGR of 9.8% throughout the forecast period.

Players operating in the high purity quartz sand market are focusing on end-market specifications to counter the ongoing economic vulnerability caused by rising socio-political uncertainties that are affecting international trade.  Quartz deposits are found in most places on earth; however, the supply of HPQS remains extremely limited. Hence, although the demand for premium grade quartz continues to accelerate, expansion of supply chain remains negligible.

Such factors are expected to influence industry trends in the upcoming years. In addition to all the practical uses, HPQS is essential to the gem trade as good luck charms or aesthetics.  Small colored and colorless Quartz crystals are embedded in jewellery and aesthetics.

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Global High Purity Quartz Sand Market – Segments

For ease of understanding, the market has been segmented into three key dynamics: -

By Type                : High Grade, Medium Grade, and Low Grade.

By Application  : Microelectronics, Solar Energetics, Lighting, and Fiber Optics among others.

By Regions                          : North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Rest-of-the-World.

Global High Purity Quartz Sand Market – Geographical Analysis  

The Asia Pacific region, heading with the high use of the product in the solar energetics industry, is expected to continue with its dominance over the global high purity quartz sand market.

Additionally, factors such as the burgeoning fiber optics market led by the emergence of technologies (DWDM or FTTX), and the rising demand for the internet in rapidly developing countries like India, China, and Taiwan are fostering the market in this region. Moreover, the increasing demand for high purity quartz sand from the microelectronics industry is another crucial driving force, pushing up the APAC market on the global platform.

The high purity quartz sand market in North America accounts for the second-largest market, globally. The presence of key market players impacts the market growth in the region, meeting increasing the demand for microelectronics. Additionally, the increasing uptake of the product led by the high demand from the various burgeoning industries such as solar energy, lighting, and fiber optics propels the growth of the market in the region.

Europe high purity quartz sand market has become one of the promising markets, globally. Factors substantiating the demand and growth in the market include the growing applications of the product in some of the burgeoning end-user industries like electrical electronics. Furthermore, the augmenting demand for high purity quartz sand in the various burgeoning sectors such as fiber optics will contribute to the regional market, majorly. 

Global High Purity Quartz Sand Market   - Competitive Landscape

Highly competitive, the High Purity Quartz Sand Market  appears to be fragmented owing to the presence of several well-established players. These players are focusing on optimizing situational awareness towards customers to ensure their mission success.  They seek market expansion through various strategic initiatives such as capacity development, MA, and increasingly invest in developing cost-effective product portfolio.

These well-established players operating in the high purity quartz sand market are targeting more investments in technology development and upgrading their existing products. These vendors strive to deliver the high-purity product that is manufactured to the highest standards.

Industry/Innovation/Related News:

March 7, 2019 --- I-Minerals Inc. (Canada), a leading global company involved in developing multiple deposits of high purity, high-value quartz announced amendments in its Bovill Kaolin Project Development Plans. The highlight of these updates includes the reorientation of the Bovill Kaolin Project (BKP) towards establishing the viability of an initial operation with low- cost capital and a focus on quartz, metakaolin and halloysite.

The market demand for quartz, metakaolin, K-spar, and halloysite are unlikely to support a new operation of the size envisaged in March 2016 due to the barriers to entry.

Basic changes have taken place over the past several years, with respect to quartz and potassium feldspar. Relocation of North American manufacturing plant of solar glass to foreign locations has reduced the sales potential of high-quality, low iron quartz products.

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To increase the share in the quartz and K-spar markets I-Minerals would need to replace current suppliers, mostly through pricing, and at the same time require customers to undertake additional reformulation to accommodate new minerals in the production process.

Table of Content

1 Executive Summary

2 Market Introduction

2.1 Definition 17

2.2 Scope Of The Study 17

2.3 List Of Assumptions 18

2.4 Market Structure 19

3 Market Insights

3.1 Global Market Share, By Region (%) 21

4 Research Methodology

4.1 Research Process 25

4.2 Primary Research 26

4.3 Secondary Research 27

4.4 Market Size Estimation 27

4.5 Forecast Model 28

5 Market Dynamics

5.1 Introduction 30

5.2 Drivers 30

5.2.1 Growing Electronics Industry 30

5.2.2 Increasing Demand In The Solar Energy Industry 32

5.2.3 Drivers Impact Analysis 34

5.3 Restraint 34

5.3.1 Volatile Prices Of Chemical Aids 34

5.3.2 Restraint Impact Analysis 34

5.4 Opportunities 35

5.4.1 Growth In The Fiber Optics Market 35

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