What problems did Madden developers solve

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Earlier this month, the developers of Madden 21 fixed an issue that allowed the use of blitzkrieg with nickel horns in included missions. They have implemented new logic and actions for the pass interceptor to better respond to this exploit blitz, which is most commonly in the form of Dime 1-4-6. They also fixed an issue that sometimes caused the defender to get stuck in the penetration fake when the ball carrier was brought close and when the pass sprinter could clearly see that it had released the ball, which would cause an accidental thick passer fine. For players, they only need to give full play to the role of Madden 21 Coins.

Now these QBs don’t look like they’re playing in the air anymore. You have fixed the animation bug. The technical staff has also adjusted some content to reduce the number of broken balls triggered by the defender’s position deviation. The main change concerns the competitive style of play. This can reduce the damage caused by excessive or inadequate protection settings. This is good news for players who love different styles of competition.

The development team also reduced the players’ maneuverability in Truck animation. In addition, they also fixed a rare issue that caused the dribble to get stuck in a running mission and out of range and the defender would now not use the option quarterback carrying method when changing hands after INT. Defenders will no longer cover the pass from pre-match sports to in-game sports. When players now control players to run from the backcourt, their ability to dribble through the opponent’s defensive line becomes stronger.

After they solved these problems, it purified the environment in the game. Players are also more motivated to go to Buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins at GameMS. In addition, it is best for players to combine training points to train their players and promote them to a higher level of strength. They do all this to prepare for the upcoming Super Bowl promotion.


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