How To Collect Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

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Collecting hallucinogenic mushrooms does not require special skills. But there are correct procedures, and wrong procedures. Find out how to harvest hallucinogenic mushrooms that are always fresh, healthy and uncontaminated.

Collecting hallucinogenic mushrooms by hand is a fairly straightforward business, if you know the procedure. However, to avoid problems, growers need to be sure they are harvesting golden teacher mushroom their mushrooms at the right time, and using the correct technique. In addition, it is essential to sterilize all harvesting tools to avoid bacterial contamination or mold growth.

Over the years, the techniques used for the cultivation and harvesting of hallucinogenic mushrooms have remained substantially unchanged. By learning to recognize the external characteristics of ripe mushrooms, you will understand when the time is right to pick them.

Harvesting at the right time is important to preserve the quality and outward appearance of the mushroom. Always remember to use sterilized tools and handle the mushrooms gently, and the harvesting process will be quicker and easier.



Once the "casing" and "pinning" processes, which allow the mushrooms to propagate and grow, are completed, it is possible to proceed with the harvest.

During the casing process, the compost that contains the mycelium is distributed inside a container, which will act as a "home" for the mushrooms. A layer of peat is added on top of the compost as a cover. This mixture needs to rest for about six days, and should be watered regularly to maintain the right humidity. After about two days, the mycelium will be ready to spread through the peat, and start the "pinning" process.

However, anyone who chooses to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms with one of the Zamnesia ready-to-use grow kits will not have to worry about the casing process. Our kits save you time and effort, and ensure a bountiful harvest of fresh, healthy mushrooms.

For the "pinning" the typical atmospheric conditions of autumn are recreated, to favor the development of small white heads. These rounded ends will turn into buds, and then into mushrooms.

During this process, growers should maintain a constant golden teacher mushroom ambient temperature of 23 ° C. For convenience, a heated pad can be placed under the mycelium container to maintain the right temperature. The Zamnesia Infrared Heating Mat can stimulate the spread and development of your hallucinogenic mushrooms.

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