Book Your Salon Session After Asking These Questions to Your Stylist

Have you been looking for a hairstylist recently? You might have relocated to a new town or you simply want to change your salon.

Have you been looking for a hairstylist recently? You might have relocated to a new town or you simply want to change your salon. Regardless of the reason, the first step to getting the best stylist for yourself is to ask for recommendations from co-workers, neighbours and friends. More so, after Covid, a lot of things still look confusing to us. What would it be like to book an appointment and for how long do we have to possibly wait at ques?


If you are determined to get back to the chair of Shailly Hair Beauty Salon, then here are a few basic questions that you must ask.


Ask What Safety Guidelines and Safety Measures They Are Following?


Your salon must stick to certain stringent safety precautions like screening the visitors and checking their temperatures. They must also make it a point of making masks mandatory for both customers and staff. If you have doubts about the safety precautions, feel free to ask them before confirming your booking. Ask them to specify the space they are maintaining between every station. Also, ask how many clients are being allowed per day into the salon.


Ask About the Sanitation Practices Between Appointment


At every salon, your safety and hygiene should always be prioritized. Check with them and see if the salon is escaping while being caught using the same products for every client. Routine sanitisation of every beauty tool is important besides cleaning towels in between the client appointments and sessions. This not only ensures optimal hygiene but also prevents the spread of infection.


Ask How Many People Are Being Serviced at a Time in the Salon?


To keep yourself safe and protected from the deadly virus, it is essential to confirm how many clients your manicure expert, hairdresser or other beauty professionals are seeing in a day. This will help you to understand if your salon is maintaining the social distancing rules or are simply avoiding them.


Ask if The Service Menu Has Been Updated?


To ensure lesser contact with visiting clients, salons across the country have updated their service menu to offer contactless services. Before scheduling an appointment with the salon, ensure that they are still offering certain services that demand physical contact like massages, facials etc with limited contact.


Ask if they Have Begun Contactless Payment Options?

Before hitting the salon, also make sure to ask if they are providing contactless payment and checkout options. A lot of salons post-Covid have introduced prepaid appointments and contactless payment modes for their customers to ensure the safety of their valuable customers.


Ask if Wearing a Mask is Mandatory?


Most salons have started making masks mandatory post-Covid to keep their staff and customers safe. From the time you enter the salon to the time you check-out, wearing a mask has been mandated in various salons, except of course when you are receiving certain treatments and beauty services like facials. So before making your appointment, make sure to ask if they have done the same.


Before scheduling your appointment with any beauty and hair salon, especially after an elongated period of Covid-lockdown, you must not feel hesitant in asking these questions to the stylist. Salons like Shailly Hair and Beauty Salon follow all kinds of safety precautions and Government-imposed guidelines to ensure optimal safety and hygiene amongst staff and customers.


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