Custom sunroof installation

Arizona Sun Tops offers the latest technology Interior car customization and Custom auto restyling. Also, We specialize in custom car upholstery.

Sunroof Installation

Sometimes when the weather is nice out, it would be great to be able to get fresh air and let the light stream in through your car’s windows. But with only rear windows and frameless glass, you’re pretty much stuck with what nature gives you. That is, until you have a sunroof installed on your car!

In this post we're going to go into detail about what they are, how they work, why they're so great, and which models make it easy to get one installed. We'll also share some of the common misconceptions about these functional additions that help make your ride feel a little more like home in any season. A sunroof isn't just for making your ride look cool!

What is a sunroof, then?

The word "sunroof" comes from the German word Sonnenschirm, which means "solar shield". Sunroofs are essentially a sort of glass that sits on top of your car and stretches between your car's roof and window. A few designs exist that reduce the amount of space they fill up (like the popular BMW i8), but most come in the traditional rectangular cross-section most commonly seen on various mid-size sedans (like our Ford Taurus SHO).visit here =

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