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How to sell Wholesale Toys to Retailers?

The market is full of new, attractive, and innovative toys on the demand of the customers. Although, the demand is high still it is not easy to sell the products to retailers.

The market is full of new, attractive, and innovative toys on the demand of the customers. Although, the demand is high still it is not easy to sell the products to retailers.

There are many hurdles to face while doing so. No need to worry, we will give some effective suggestions to increase your sales and profit. 

Before we start, let's talk about the toy industry. 


Toys Industry 

The Toy industry is a successful and growing industry. The revenue of this industry in 2019 is $90.7 billion.

This industry includes a vast range of product categories. But there is a vast increase in video games and automated toys. Some of the important categories of this industry are given below:

  • Plastic toys 
  • Wooden toys 
  • Automated toys
  • Toddlers toys 
  • Teenager toys 
  • Advance gadgets 


Tips to Sell Wholesale Toys to Retailers 

For wholesalers, it's a challenging job to find good retailers and make gainful deals with them. Whether they are dealing in one category of toys or managing multiple categories, the following tips are helpful for all toy wholesalers.

  1. Understand the Distribution Channels of the Toys Industry


The first tip to sell toys in bulk quantities is to understand the distribution channels of the toys industry.

Well, this is not only helpful in selling toys but also assists in the buying process. Businesses can easily understand the market trends, competitors’ standards, and demand of the customers.  

This will give you a clear picture of where to buy and where to sell.  The wholesaler of toys understands the top-notch suppliers and retailers of the wholesale marketplace

So, you must understand the distribution channels like where to start and where the final toys are consumed. 

  1. Target the Specific Toys Retailer 


In the next step, there is a need to understand the nature of suppliers.  Match their needs and demand with the available options that you have for them. 

For example, a business that is dealing with baby wooden toys in bulk. Right?  The business must find a retailer who wants to buy wholesale wooden toys.

So, before selecting the wholesaler, one must realize and match their need with the availability. 

In this way, you can easily understand and satisfy your customers.


  1. Analyze the Buying Behavior of Retailers


Another important factor is to realize the retailer’s behavior. Observe whether they are regular in making deals with your business. 

Or visit you some time and what volume of products do they order If retailers are not regular and order very small quantities then there is a need to go to other options. Offer your toys to other retailers who are running successful businesses. 

Loyal retailers are real assets of the wholesale business. Try to find loyal toy retailers in your circle.


  1. Provide Competitive Facilities 


While dealing with your retailers, keep in mind that they choose your option among the others. Now it's the wholesaler's turn to serve them in a good way. 

Value the retailers and try to provide them with all facilities that other toy wholesalers cannot offer them. 

This will push them to come again and again to the same place. 


  1. Understand the Changing Trends of Markets


That's very necessary for the toy industry. Due to technology, toys are more innovative and automated

If a wholesaler serves with old fashion toys to their retailers.  They are unable to satisfy the end consumers. 

Finally, they will go for another option to find the recent variety of toys. 


Never Stop Trying on Rejection 


In starting, it can be possible that you have to face rejections from retailers. In such a time the patient should be your big business tool. 

Never stop trying, find other options and opportunities.  Maintain your quality standard and then you will find favorable results. 

Another tip to become a successful wholesaler, you must use the internet.  Offer your toys online and digitally promote your toy business.  


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