Android 13: Everything You Need to Know About

In this article, we will take a look at all the most important news and rumours about Android 13 so far. Ready to dive in? Let's get started.

Android 13 is Google’s next major operating system upgrade. Last year’s Android 12 added a new set of design systems, called Material You. People expect Google to continue developing this design and integrate it more fully across the Android operating system. They are also hoping that third-party manufacturers will use it on their devices.


Historical data tells us that when a significant software upgrade happens, the user experience usually gets better. Android 13 will be a massive upgrade, just like Android 12 was.


Android 13 is currently in developer preview and will reach platform completeness by June 2022. The anticipated commercial debut for Pixel phones is expected in October 2022.


What’s New in Android 13?

There are many new features in Android 13. Before you hire dedicated Android app developer, keep the following things in mind:


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