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Since its launch in 2013, the wild new "Atlas" echoes of "Path of Exile" turned the final game into a huge multi-dimensional fighting club, sparking a wave of players entering the game. According to SteamDB's investigation, the road to exile is the highest record in history for 157,103 contemporaries on January 15 (the day of the release of Atlas Sound). However, this is only a small part of the number of players-Path of Exile also has a separate client available directly from the developer Grinding Gear Games.

Many of these players may have joined the new multiplayer challenge alliance. By adjusting the investment points on the multi-universe jump atlas itself, you can customize the game experience-basically, you can play in the endless Revisit the mechanism of the challenge alliance in the parallel universe chain. This story is a bit like a lunatic, but after 7 years, do you think that the road of exile will reduce lunatics? Those who are new to the path of exile may also laugh at the content of the ritual alliance, plunder and POE Currency increase to help push the new character to the end.

We re-examined Path of Exile in 2018, and it has only really gotten deeper since then. Since the sequel "Path of Exile 2" is unlikely to be released before 2022, the echo of "Atlas" may not be the latest version of "Path of Exile". We will keep you up to date on these two aspects, beware of the beta version of "Path of Exile 2" and release it when we learn about something.

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