How to get ISO certification online?

In this digital world, there are so many exciting facilities that have developed for communication. Regardless of the place there are in, people can communicate easily with each other with today’s improvements in information technology.

Digitalization is creating major changes in our society and as well as in day-to-day human activities. This also developed a great impact in our business process that is the way we are communicating with our clients. Nowadays, most of the business meetings are happening online and the companies also mostly prefer to conduct in this innovative format!

Achieving ISO certification also becomes an effortless task with this latest technology. This topic covers how can an organization obtain ISO certification online, the certification process, and as well as the benefits and drawbacks in acquiring ISO certification online.

Introduction to ISO certification

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organization that stands strong with the membership of 164 national standard bodies. With experts’ knowledge and guidance, ISO develops international standards to support the growth of the organizations. ISO does not provide certifications! ISO develops and publishes ISO standards but it does not involve in the conformity assessment or in the certification process.

  • ISO Certified companies are globally recognized companies that conform to ISO standards and have a strong impression among consumers and shareholders.
  • This ISO Certification ensures the manufacturing process, services, documentation procedure as well as the management system has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.
  • ISO Certification is not a legal requirement for most organizations. But, for some companies, ISO certification may be required by law or contractually.
  • Whatever the case, obtaining ISO certification will surely bring lots of benefits to your organization. This certification helps you have the products, processes, services, and systems with standardized improvements.

What is a remote audit?

Remote audit - an amazing hand-in-solution to get certified to ISO!

Sometimes, for some reason, the certification audit could not be conducted in person. Remote audit is a perfect replacement for these kinds of situations.

Remote audit is a virtual audit which is performed online through video conference by using digital platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. Through this remote audit, a certification body evaluates the organization process, system and collects the audit evidence remotely. This type of audit helps especially the organizations which are located in isolated areas.

During this Covid-19 pandemic period, Remote audit is the preferable choice for most of the organizations across the globe. Also, it creates an incredible opportunity of obtaining the IOS certification from the place you are. It avoids the need of travelling from one place to another.

ISO Certification process online

Here are the simple steps of IAS to get ISO certification online

Contact IAS:

Visit our website! Fill out the ISO certification application form specific to your organization’s management system and email it to us. Also, attach the required documents mentioned in that application form. You can also drop a mail if you’re not sure of which ISO certification helps represents the effective improvement of your organization. Our management team will help you get detailed information. Or you can contact us and have a free discussion about the certification and auditing process.

Remote audit by IAS:

After receiving the application form, IAS will initiate the procedure for conducting the remote audit. While conducting a remote audit, make sure there will be no interruptions in the internet connection. Proper communication helps the auditors to perform the audit with the flow. Also, it reduces audit duration and saves time.

Issue of certification:

The audit report will be sent to the registered mail address. If there are any deviations, our auditing team will send the audit report with a deviation report. The organizations need to implement the requirements within the specified time given by IAS.

After the effective implementation, our auditing will again conduct another remote audit to make sure your organizations meet the required ISO criteria specific to the scope you’re applied for. Finally, IAS will issue the certification. The soft copy of the certificate will be sent to your mail address. 

Certification validity:

The initial certification provided by IAS is valid for 3 years. IAS also conducts surveillance audits in the gap of every 12 months. It ensures the continual improvement in your organization’s process, services, and system.

What are the advantages of certifying to ISO?

By achieving the ISO Certification, the organization can gain the following benefits.

  • Global recognition
  • Improved reputation
  • New business opportunities
  • Better internal management
  • Enhanced customer confidence
  • Better relationship with stakeholders
  • Increased productivity as well as profitability

How to choose the best certification body?

It is also important to choose the right ISO certification body. Before you contact them, make sure they are providing the certification for the standard you have implemented. Verify whether they are an accredited platform and trustable organization. Some of the facts you need to check before you select the right ISO certification body are:

  • Accreditation – this tells the certification body is certified to provide the standardized certifications.
  • Reputation and credibility – this helps you gain the confidence of stakeholders/clients
  • Experience – look for the certification body’s experience in providing the services in the specific ISO standard
  • Professional auditors - Ensure the auditors have versatile knowledge about your organization’s process and system
  • Language – it may be the last point, but it’s also important to choose the certification body that speaks your language. This helps you communicate with the auditors comfortably.

Advantages of obtaining ISO certification online

  • Time and cost-effective method

By acquiring the ISO certification online, you can reduce the time required for conducting the audit.

  • No travel or accommodation fee

In on-site audit, sometimes the organization needs to take care of the auditors travel and accommodation expenses. This is eliminated in remote audits.

  • High-level performance

Remote audit is a convenient method for both the auditors and auditee. It helps auditors to conduct the audit at the comfort of their office and perform the audit more effectively.

  • No interruptions, happy employees

In the on-site audit, there may be chances to make changes in the employees' daily work schedule. But in remote audit, the auditors will interact with the respective person and collect the required evidence.

Obstacles in getting ISO certification online:

Obtaining the ISO certification online also has certain obstacles. 

  • Lack of internet facility

While performing the remote audit, there may be chances for a slow internet connection. This disturbs the commutation between the auditors and auditee.

  • Duplicate evidence

The audit evidence can’t be evaluated physically. So, there may be chances of mismatching in the documents and organization’s process.

  • Poor interaction

Sometimes, the auditors have poor knowledge about the remote audits. So he/she may fail to collect the required audit evidence.

  • Be aware of fake ISO certification

There are so many spam websites available online. So, make sure you have chosen the right ISO certification body to guide you in the implementation process for the achievement of ISO certification.

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