Is Original Content the Key Reason Behind the Growth of OTT?

Offering original content, technology, and seamless streaming services are very important factors for the OTT business. Due to the surge in popularity of OTT videos, fresh and original content is dominating the connected TV market and becoming a key growth factor of OTT.

Content is always king–a well-known quote that almost everyone has heard about. However, it is just not a phrase nut it is the modern-day reality and the original content has been taking over and even content marketing is becoming the next major thing. Original content is one of the key differentiators for OTT platforms.

Originality counts,  today, Millenials are expecting new age content regardless of the OTT platform they use. And the ever-increasing demand for variety original content is projected to be the crucial growth driver for the OTT industry in the coming years.

OTT Services 

In this contemporary digital age, there has been a growing trend towards varied OTT services and ence OTT industry is experiencing rapid growth. More and more viewers are switching to new-age OTT services and thus dethroning traditional Television. 

OTT content consumption is increasing because traditional TV customers are disappointed with the pricey, stingy, and limited option that traditional TV offers. With OTT players and its exclusive services, consumers get  a reliable array of pricing and viewing options. 

Many review reports have been stating that as more people switch to OTT services, the OTT players and service providers need to meet the expectations of these masses. Offering the same age-old content as TV channels would be insufficient to retain customers and attract new viewers. 

Providing customers with the original content is the ideal way for OTT service providers to differentiate themselves from this cut throat competition and draw more business. 

The leading OTT players are focusing more on the original content owing to differentiate the future line of content, to resonate with this OTT providers are investing billions in producing enticing original content. 

Prominent providers such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have acknowledged that original content is the key selling point for OTT and embraced it heartily. And OTT players spend more on original content development and the self-production has become the latest-buzz and it is just not a fad anymore and more OTT service providers are producing their own content which makes them successful. 

Regional Content 

Several dominant OTT players are largely investing in original content production, creations and distribution in various regional languages. And many reports see that regional content is increasing on the digital platforms, while various production houses might use the OTT platforms to release the bytes and trailers of their movies before the television premieres. 

Advertising revenue share from the OTT platforms will also increase due to the tremendous growth. Content is the king it will continue to bear the crown and this phrase applies to OTT platforms where original content is offered and it in turn gives service providers a survival and competitive edge in the future. So, OTT players have to embrace original content provide their viewers unique, fresh, and consistent content to retain them also entice new consumers. 

Exclusive content is turning out to be one of the biggest growth drivers in the OTT space. However, the OTT competition intensifies, service providers who create their libraries of original content along with the seamless OTT services would be a sufficient differentiator over other OTT players and service providers. Consider original content as one of the business driving strategies and seek help from digital experts and invest carefully in it in order to scale your OTT business.


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