WOW Shadowlands' next major update and feedback on its resolution

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It is too early for players to talk about the 9.1 update, but it may be released this spring. From the previous expansion, the first major update is usually between three to four months after the first release. It is not clear whether Blizzard changed the schedule.

Blizzard didn't say too much about expectations for 9.1, but I would not set expectations too high. Taking into account the previous expansion, the x.1 update usually adds more stories, raids or dungeons, and some major adjustments to the endgame system. Historically, it is an x.2 or x.3 patch, which adds an entire new area for you to explore, or adds many exciting new features. If you are not familiar with the Classic WOW Gold general workings of WoW extensions, most extensions only last more than two years, and there are three to four major updates, while the smaller updates are somewhere in between.

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas: One of the most ambitious and exciting aspects of Shadowlands is its setup, as the team expanded the Warcraft universe to define the outline of a new plane of existence. Looking forward to 2021, we are excited to build on these foundations and tell epic stories that connect the different forces of Shadowlands, the heroes and villains of Azeroth, and the inner workings of death itself. This year, players will explore the mysteries of the Shadowlands more deeply, including scenes that are more fantastic than we have seen so far. I can't say much without getting into the World of Warcraft Classic Gold heavy spoiler realm, but as players work hard to thwart the plans of the mysterious "Jailer", an incredible journey is coming.

As everyone is looking for future updates, the team is paying close attention to the community. One of the main topics in the discussion was the way loot works in the Shadowland Endgame: The development team greatly reduced the speed at which players can obtain item rewards, but at the same time it also eliminated randomness and tried to provide everyone with clearer goals to pursue and control They make progress towards them. Specifically, when it comes to PvP projects, the official is very satisfied with its operation, but they can do more, so that when you don’t find the specific project you want, you can run dungeons and team copies. Feel more satisfied with the experience. Otherwise, through real-time game "patches" adjustments and more involved changes to the player's abilities, especially the new Shadowlands system, such as legendary items and contracts, will always be balanced, which will be a patch.

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