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NBA 2K21 Next Gen: Best Playmaking Badges

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The next generation of users can already enjoy the 2K experience for months. In addition to the incredible gameplay, fortunately there are some in-game changes that allow these novices to experience the title of the game on the next-generation console, including a large number of New badge. This is the best Playmaker badge on NBA 2K21 Next Gen. In fact, when novice players have enough NBA 2K21 MT, they will experience more new features.

The first badge we will recommend you to use is the Bullet Passer badge. For those who want to build creative big shots (mainly those who are building a center), we recommend this badge because it takes your game to a whole new level. Upgrading this badge to the Hall of Fame means that you are a man no matter how big or small, and the passing range in this area is second to none for you. However, for those who play in the guard position, the value is not so high, because you will have to give up some other skill points to adapt. If you are preparing to buy 2K21 MT, welcome to visit our website GameMS.

Now, if you are looking for a Playmaking badge for a defender, then "Handle for Days" is your best choice. This badge works very well for those who like to fight their opponents because it makes those handles feel smoother than ever. If you are the kind of defender who likes to play those fast passes, then this is not the kind for you, but if you want to use the opposite 1v1 number, then you need this badge, preferably HOF.

No matter where you are, another great badge is the Ankle Breaker badge. Now you might think that this is only related to the guard position, although it will be used more in the guard role, it is also good in the other three roles. All it has to do is a simple step back or jab, and you will break the other's ankle on the floor, begging for mercy. Get this badge HOF. Trust us, you will not regret it!

The last badge is the Bail Out badge. Now you might think that this decision has nothing to do with you, because you will always make the right decision and never guess what you are going to do. There is nothing worse than taking a drive and realizing that you have an empty man around the corner waiting to drill three rods. The Bail Out badge will help you navigate critical junctures under pressure. To tell you the good news, you can Buy 2K21 MT and then easily form a strong team.

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