Can I Put My Bamboo Pillow in the Washing Machine?

You can hand or machine washes your bamboo pillow.

You can hand or machine washes your bamboo pillow. We recommend washing it in a gentle cycle, on a program that resembles Rinse and Spin - but with water that is relatively cool (no higher than 40°C) and mild soaps that do not include chlorine.

Bamboo pillows are popular among ecologically aware sleepers because they are made of natural, hypoallergenic materials. They are soft, breathable, adaptable, and cooling.

How to clean a bamboo pillow in the washing machine?

  1. Remove the bamboo cover and machine wash it in warm water on a moderate cycle. Never use hot or cold water to wash a bamboo cushion or cover; otherwise, one or both of them will be damaged. To avoid damage, always wash gently in warm water
  2. Begin washing the pillow by hand with a tiny amount of mild or moderate detergent (without bleach) and lukewarm water. Squeeze the detergent into the pillow to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. It’s important not to use too much soap or water, since this will make it difficult to rinse and dry the pillow correctly. The cushion should not be submerged in water.
  3. It is important that you get all the soap out of the pillow after washing it. So rinse several times. Take out all the soap that has been rinsed out and most of the water removed.

What happens if you wash a bamboo pillow?

To get rid of the smell and sweat drying, protect against bacteria, dust mites, a luxury bamboo pillow is recommended by putting two pillows in the dryer. Gentle hand wash should be done not roughly; otherwise it will lose its shape or even crumble to pieces.

Since everyone wants a better night's sleep, bamboo pillows are the very rage right now. Bamboo might seem to be a tricky fabric for getting many years of service. You should follow the care and instructions of bamboo pillows which are given on the manufacture label. To make your home sustainable and renewable this excellent fiber is used.

 Wash when you read the care instructions, but a little attention ensures that your bamboo pillow cases stay in great shape for years. Encountering stains on the pillow cover fabric or cleaning up after you’ve had a visitor sleep on the pillows; a trip through your washing machine takes care of the issue.

How much time will it take to dry a bamboo pillow?

Some dust in bamboo pillows requires a little more treatment than a spray down. Sunlight being a disinfectant removes dampness and discourages dust mites. Mildew and it’s an ideal cleaner for bamboo pillows. It is the best way to hang the pillows in the sunlight with clothespins.

However, don't keep the cushions in the sun all day once they've dried, since this might cause the memory foam pillow to degrade. When the solar treatment is finished, fluff the pillows, cover them, and return them to the bed. Put on the gloves and open the adjustable bed pillow coverings and pillows in a basin of water no

Hotter than body temperature. After that, agitate the cushions and coverings with your hands. As you work, wring the pillow out a few times. Rinse the goods well with clean water and hang them to dry. At least once a year, give your pillows a good washing with water.

What is so special about bamboo pillows

Though these pillows are more expensive than a typical pillow. It always depends upon the company how the bamboo pillows are made. When choosing a bamboo pillow, we should consider the factors like the fill material, sustainability, the loft, firmness, mold ability, anti-static and anti-cling, durability, and the overall quality of the product.

  1. Bamboo may be better at keeping a sleeper's head cool and dry.
  2. You will feel a bad smell from the bamboo pillow because of the off-gassing of chemicals, such as polyurethane. This will include as either a part of your pillow or as a chemical in the manufacturing process.
  3. Bamboo has anti-insect and hypoallergenic properties; it will repel bed bugs as well as insects. The pillow will be naturally resistant to odors, dust mites, and germs, so you can’t be too careful.
  4. Those people who sleep on bamboo bedding do not suffer from hot flashes and a rise in body temperature. This kind of bedding should be used in case you suffer from some allergy or have highly sensitive skin.
  5. Dust mite allergies are very similar to a pollen allergy except that the symptoms occur year-round instead of just seasonally.

Try and Feel the Difference

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