Credit or credit card?

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A credit card has several features that distinguish it from a regular consumer loan.
Revolving limit. With a credit card, the bank lends you a certain amount each month. It is more profitable to use money from a credit card than to issue a new cash loan every time you need bank money.
Pay off at your convenience. A cash loan has a clear repayment schedule, where the amounts of payments and overpayments are initially fixed. In order to repay the loan in full or in part ahead of schedule, you will have to additionally negotiate with the bank.
A credit card, unlike a cash loan, does not have a strict payment schedule - it is enough to make the minimum payment on time. If you make more than the minimum payment, early repayment automatically occurs.
Opportunity to pay no interest. A credit card has an interest-free period: if you return the money spent to the card within this period, no interest will be charged.
There is no grace period for a cash loan

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