Industry-Leading Alternatives of Wikipedia

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Lets deep dive into some of the Wikipedia alternatives

World Book Online


This is another traditional encyclopedia that has made the move to the Internet in order to challenge Wikipedia. It’s aimed slightly towards younger school students, but it’s still a respected name when it comes to general reference. Like Encyclopedia Britannica Online, some of its articles won’t be full-length unless you sign up for a paid subscription.

Britannica Online


Remember regular encyclopedias? Britannica, formerly the most referenced encyclopedia on earth, offers up expert summaries of a wide range of topics online. Though it's been overshadowed by Wikipedia's crowd-sourced approach in recent years, Encyclopedia Britannica is still one of the most respected reference works in the world.




Citizendium is an open wiki project dedicated to creating a free, comprehensive, repository of structured knowledge. One of the main differences between Citizendium and Wikipedia is that the authors are required to use their real names, and the authors are expected to work professionally. The project was started in 2010.



Everipedia is “Everyone’s Encyclopedia”. “Everipedia offers a space for you to dive into anything you find interesting, connect with people who share your interests, and contribute your own perspective.”

The about page does not provide a clear explanation of how this site differs from Wikipedia and/or how they plan to make sure that the mistakes of Wikipedia are not repeated in this site.


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