10 English words which you should not use during interview

In this article you will learn 10 words which should not use during interview.

For getting a good job, you have to first crack the interview and in interview we have to keep in mind various things, but the most important one is our speaking skills. We have to focus on our words, what we are speaking. While in interview, there are some words which we should not use as they can create a negative impression. When I was finding jobs in UAE and went for my interview, I spoke words which should not be spoken, but later on I learned from my mistakes. In this article you will learn 10 words which should not use during interview.



1. Maybe/not sure


Don't say any of these words in your interview or any word which means the same as--because these words show that you are not sure, not confident and your decision-making skills are not good. And an interviewer always looks for confident and sure people with good decision-making skills.


2. Should/Should not


These words are preaching words which make a bad impression on the interviewer. For example, if you say that " I should work hard ", it gives the impression that you are not currently working hard. So it goes in a negative sense for you.


3. Fillers


Fillers are like uhm, actually, you know. We use these fillers to fill the gap when we think about the answer. But these fillers give a bad impression that you have not done preparation, you are taking time to answer or you are not telling the truth.


4. Comfortable


When you use a comfortable word, it shows that you are a comfort-seeking person, you search and check for comfort, and it also shows that you are not a hardworking person, as you look for comfort before working and you are not able to work.


5. Can't


Don't use the word can't as it shows that there are some things which you cannot tolerate and you cannot adjust. For example, you say that "I can't tolerate indiscipline", although you are saying positive about you but it shows that you cannot adjust with people.


6. I don't know


Obviously, answers which you do not know you will directly say these words but directly saying these words gives a bad impression. If you answer immediately that you don't know, it shows that you have not put in any effort, so don't give an immediate answer using these words. Think a while.


7. Casual language


Casual language means language which we use in our daily talk like yeah! , nopes, guys. Don't talk in casual language with interviewers as it gives a bad impression.


8. Try/attempt


When you use words you try or attempt, it shows that you are not perfect at them and you are trying to become perfect. Like other words, these words also show bad impression as interviewers always look for perfect people. So you have to show yourself a strong and perfect person.


9. Difficult/impossible


Never use these words in interview, even if the work is really difficult or impossible. If you use these words for showing your positive side, even then also it shows your negativity, that you have a negative mindset and you are inefficient.

For example, as a cabin crew you have to travel a lot and you will get very tired, in this if you say that yes, it is difficult but you will manage. Interviewers will only focus on the word "difficult" and ignore the word "manage".


10. Negative words


Never use any negative words in an interview. Negative words include many words like hate, dislike, awkward, nothing, rather present your negative point in a good way.


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