New World update brings fixes to endgame

Amazon Game Studios’ new update for New World is out now.

Amazon Game Studios’ new update for New World is out now. The latest patch for this game is version 1.3.2, which is not as extensive as it used to be. However, it makes some notable tweaks to New World’s endgame segment that’s sure to please a lot of fans. If players also want a better gaming experience, they can also Buy New World Coins.

Mostly, this new update to New World has corrected lingering issues in the game involving Mutator difficulty. Essentially, Amazon Game Studios has fixed this message that Mutator difficulty levels 1 to 5 now require Silver rank. Instead, levels six to ten will require players to reach the Gold rank. This new patch of New World also resolves some bugs found in the game to give players a better experience. While none of these mistakes are massive, it continues to improve the title.

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Endgame updates and fixes
Fixed inconsistent unlock messages at higher Mutator difficulties. Difficulties 1 - 5 still require Silver rank, Difficulties 6 - 10 now require Gold rank.
Fixed not being able to upgrade equipment if there are Umbral Shards in the storage when the storage is open.
The Refreshing perk has replaced the second Keen perk for the Absolute Terror item.

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