Learn to get up early and 5 more ways to prepare for the school year

It seems that having gained strength and having a rest from the lessons, the children will begin to study better, more enthusiastically, with great zeal. But after the holidays, it can be difficult to return to the usual mode. Our blogger talks about ways to help her get set for the school


It seems that having gained strength and having a rest from the lessons, the children will begin to study better, more enthusiastically, with great zeal. But after the holidays, it can be difficult to return to the usual mode. Our blogger talks about ways to help her get set for the school year.
Less than a month is left before the start of the school year. And despite the fact that in the summer children relax and gain strength, it can be very difficult to get involved in the work process. Again, you will need to get up early, do your homework, go to tutors and to circles. In order not to drown in the ocean of gray everyday life and avoid the post-holiday syndrome, start preparing for school in advance.

1. Time management
Until recently, I didn’t understand how some people can schedule their whole day and plan absolutely everything in advance. And now I myself can not live without my diary. It contains my whole life - not only plans and tasks for the coming days and weeks, but also motivating thoughts and memories.

Learn to plan your time, control how much time you spend on social networks, and how much time you spend watching TV shows. How much time do you spend doing homework and how do you do it. If it doesn’t work well, then use https://bidforwriting.com/ and you can learn how to pay attention and write written work, which is simply necessary when doing homework. In order to have a desire to work and learn, and not to postpone, you need to break the task into small points.You will not have the same fear of one big goal that you used to be afraid of because you did not know which side to approach. You can plan your day on ordinary stickers or on your phone.
And most importantly: be sure to leave time for laziness, otherwise everything else will be meaningless!

2. Get up early
During school hours, every day I get up at 6:30 in the morning to have time to eat, get dressed and catch the bus, which leaves at exactly 7:30. But, fortunately, during the summer holidays I don’t have to run anywhere and I can sleep at least until 8. One of the most difficult moments for me with the start of the school year is to start getting up again at 6 in the morning.
Therefore, in August I try to go to bed and get up earlier, so that with the beginning of September it would not be a shock for me. Try shifting your sleep schedule by at least 30 minutes. And if it's hard to wake up and you constantly turn off the alarm clock, put it on the other side of the room. Don't forget to recharge!

3. Social networks
This is a sore subject for me. Spending 5 hours a day at the computer, listening to music and following the news - this is how I lived almost every day, not understanding where the time goes. Awareness came suddenly and in the most unexpected way. This summer I was lucky to visit the World Children's Center "Ocean". Camp regulations stipulate that the phone and other gadgets can only be used for 40 minutes a day. At first, such rules caused an uproar among teenagers. But after a few days, I found that this time is enough.

I deleted my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.Turns out I have time to read
I cleaned up the news feed on VKontakte and now I only receive news from publics about education, books and world news. Get rid of people who take up too much of your time, such as pointless conversations. Clean up your “friends” in social networks and you will understand that you don’t even remember half of these people. The time that I used to spend on the Internet, now I dedicate to volunteering. It gives me much more positive emotions.

4. Desktop
Try to remove everything superfluous. Stick to the 7-item rule: to concentrate on the task, there should be no more than 7 items on the desktop. Stock up on notebooks and spare pens, buy manuals that will help you with your studies. Also, in order to effectively write written papers, use bidforwriting.com/case-study which will help you with learning. Pens and notebooks will serve you very well as you will have to write a lot. Buying stationery, for example, motivates me a lot: it's always nice to pick up a beautiful notebook (even if you don't really like the subject).

5. Study in the summer
You might be surprised, but I think that the best thing to do in the last days of the holidays is with a tutor. You can study with a writing tutor, but even better if you use https://bidforwriting.com/do-my-assignment which will teach you well the rules of writing papers. It turned out that studying with a teacher in the summer is more profitable: the prices are lower, because the demand is not so great. Moreover, teachers really appreciate children who are ready to study even during the summer holidays. Well, to understand that on a hot summer day you prefer not to get stuck on the phone, but to work out a little - this, of course, is a reason to be proud of yourself!

6. Favorite activity
In addition to school, there is another life that we often forget about, drowning in a stream of homework. Choose your favorite activities now. Study is study, but you also need to rest! Start playing sports! Reward yourself for your successes, even the smallest ones. It is not so important how you stimulate yourself, it is important to feel the result of your work. And of course, in the remaining warm days, have time to relax. We'll all be back to school soon!

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